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Gait Analysis

Well I finally gave in and had gait analysis done.

So worth it, went to Runners Need in Holborn yesterday (Sunday) morning and it was lovely and quiet. The lovely member of staff didn't even bat an eyelid when this overweight middle aged woman asked to have gait analysis carried out. He was so helpful. Was nearly worth getting on London Underground (not quite forgot how I don't like the tube).

He said Sunday mornings are usually very quiet which was great for me as I have never run on a treadmill and it was so funny me gripping tightly to the sides while I asked him to increase the speed which he did for me.

I just competed W8R2 and I am 11 weeks into the programme, repeated weeks 3 and 4 as I struggled with these runs.

Ran for the desired 30 seconds and then he worked out that I have a neutral fall and proceeded to show me trainers, one pair he showed me I said I could get a holiday for that price, I would like to pay a lot less than that, finally got a nice pair for £65.

Anybody contemplating doing this, go for it, and I can now get replacement trainers on line for hopefully a lot less money.

Sorry cant post picture of new trainers as it is not letting me.

I am so bad at this tech stuff, so much so my daughter has asked me not to use my phone in public.

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Brilliant✋🏼Enjoy those new shoes! You are so close to graduation too! Cant wait to party! 🏃🏻💥👏🏼


Well done! I got mine checked & such a differnce! Well wirth the money & look at it as part of your graduation treat nearly there!!!!🏃🏃😊x


Ooh did she! Ignore her and use it willy nilly just to annoy 😊

Good news on the shoes front, so it's all systems go. It sounds as if you are doing brilliantly. Just keep on going steady and you will graduate all in one piece.

Have fun! ☺


Thank you all for your lovely comments W8 R3 completed 5.45 this morning


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