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Glastonbury - Pilton Festival 10k :-)

Glastonbury - Pilton Festival 10k :-)

Great day for sure!!! Not only did I get tickets for the festival but I rushed over to Pilton afterwards and completed the Pilton Festival 10k run started by the one and only Micheal Eavis (well it was his farm!).

What a brilliant run... great sights although very up and down!!! If you do attend the festival and know the "sights", this made it even more interesting trying to locate yourself without all the stages etc.

Would highly recommend this run to anyone in the West country. They also did a 2k and 5k so something for everyone. :-)

Happy running :-)

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Oh wow! those tickets literally sold out in fifteen minutes! Congratulations on an impressive run also :)


Well done Andy, like the number too! We're so lucky to have such beautiful places to run....



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