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W8R3...all done...but Strava??? ... wtf?

28 minutes boxed off again... still not easy (although my 9 yr old would beg to differ..) and was excitedly looking forward to comparing it to our run two days ago using Strava, but when I looked after we'd finished running, it said we had only run 0.6 miles?? I don't know what I did wrong because the time was right - it said we had run for 27 minutes and 38 seconds (yeah, all right Laura, I took a few seconds to turn on Strava when we started running, I really DID run for 28 minutes..) but it had just stopped 'mapping' our run after 0.6 miles??? :(

It was fun to meet some dogwalkers today who we had met a lot of times earlier in our 'career' and be able to tell them that we were now running for 28 minutes because I remember very clearly explaining as I ran past, weeks ago about how we were running for 3 minutes and then walking for 90 seconds etc... One of them always shouts after us, about my kids, They should be at home playing with X-Boxes...!! :)

Onwards and upwards... 30 minutes next week..

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I have found strava sometimes autopauses and doesn't restart. That's happened a lot when I took the phone out my pocket during a run. Also sometimes it loses GPS signal so shows the run in a straight line when you have actually done a lot more. But you ran for 28 mins which is fantastic!!!

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Oh, that is really useful to know, thank you - so I'll make sure I don't touch my fone at all next time we run - because I did reach for my fone at one point because my son wanted to see how fast we were running. So perhaps I did something to it then?

But... yeah.. I should focus on the fact that I actually DID run for 28 minutes whatever Strava thinks!! ;)



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