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W8R3 done! Mind games again!

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Well here I am , looking at my last week! Tonight’s run was definitely mind over matter. For the first half, I was convinced I was getting a stitch and my legs felt like lead. I did my usual ploy of telling myself I didn’t need to finish, just get half way through. It worked! I seemed to be able to relax into the run and comfortably ran the last half.

I’m so happy to think that I could be graduating by this time next week!

11 Replies
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Well done on completing week 8! I find the first half I really mentally struggle as well and something clicks as soon as Michael announces I am halfway through and really enjoy it.

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Bright-sparkGraduate in reply to emma_lynne

Glad it’s not just me!

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Maisiek in reply to emma_lynne

I agree! The lowest part of the run is when Michael says “well done you’ve done 5 mins” and it feels like 20 😰 I also laugh out loud when he says “ you might be getting a bit tired, slow down a bit - ha I couldn’t go any slower without walking 🤪

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Well done for completing w8, I find if I say I’ll stop after 10 mins....then 5 etc I can make it through when it’s a bad run. I’m doing w8r3 tomorrow eve, BUT I’m doing it with a running club, it’ll be my first time. I’ve spoken to her and she said I’ll be fine!! Eeek hope so. It will mean I’ll graduate with them next Wednesday!! Happy running 🏃‍♀️ the graduation is sooo close for both of us!

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Bright-sparkGraduate in reply to Shelley2310

Good luck, I’m sure people will be encouraging and you’ll find it motivating to run with others. I would love to do a park run but there aren’t any near me.

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Shelley2310Graduate in reply to Bright-spark

That’s a shame, there’s 2 near me, 10 miles either way. I’ve decided to go to the one that has slower finishers than the other one 🤣😂

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Huge well done.. relax into the longer runs now:)

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Bright-sparkGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks, I owe you for your advice and encouragement!

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Great running... the first 5-10 minutes of a longer run are usually the hardest, so that’s not unusual, don’t worry about it, just keep on doing what you’re doing. Enjoy the victory lap that is your week 9.

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Excellent. Well done. I find the whole run a mental battle. I get so bored plus my body tells me I’m ridiculous to think I can do this. I’m now going so slow I think I could walk faster. Seem to be finding it harder rather than easier! I was supposed to do that run today but my knee is hurting badly the last few days and running on it on Monday wasn’t the best plan so I will use the cross trainer today and see if that makes any difference. Graduation may have to be the week after now so I will cheer you on from the side!! Well done x

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Bright-sparkGraduate in reply to MelsieJay

As long as we get there in the end! I’m doing the runs on a treadmill so I get the boredom thing. Music does help me. W9R1 tomorrow 🤞

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