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Homeward Bound

Hello peeps,

well, I let myself down by getting distracted and failing to continue. I knew it wasn't going to be easy and my confidence had a lot to do with being seen trying to run in public so if I saw the public I stopped and went home. My sister came to stay for 3 weeks so we walked together for the first week but then it kind of never happened. I took her home to Essex, spent a week, came home, had builders to sort damp in the back bedroom (still ongoing) and failed miserably in any attempt to take control of myself.

Anyway, last Thursday 29/9 I came out to Ibiza to join my brother David for a week (he has been here 2) and that meant having to walk everywhere every day, not jump in the car as I do at home (even just to go to the dentist which is 15 minutes walk, yes, I know, terrible) and I feel ready to get home and start over again with W1R1. Yes I know I should be so much farther along than starting again but I have never been a runner, even at school in Evesham, my bf Heather and I would fall behind in cross country, take the short cut across the farmers field, hide behind a huge tree that we found, wait for the others to pass and jump back in midway through the class so the teachers didn't think we were great runners and make us do more.

Oh the joys of being 13

I'm sitting here now looking out from the terrace at the far reaching blue seas, listening to the waves lapping the rocks and another flight rising in the sky.

My brother David doesn't eat dairy, meat, crap, (only eats potatoes when he orders bravas every year in Ibiza) doesn't drink any alcohol and has maybe 4% body fat.


I'm not a lone drinker so I haven't had even one glass of wine (not that I drink much, maybe a few glasses a month at home) but this past week I have walked miles, yes really; daily. Everything in Ibiza is uphill and we climb the rocks to go through the old city or walk down into town, turn right and walk up the steps to come through the old city, twice daily. No matter where we go it involves lots of steps and walking uphill but it has strengthened my lungs (not breathing heavy anymore) and given me that oomph to get home, get motivated and find that run in me.

Here goes.

T xx

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I have been wondering how you were doing. Good on you for being determined to get back out there. It doesnt matter how long it takes. Good luck.


Ha ha I had to laugh about your cross country experience at school as I used to take a 'slight de-tour' round to my friends house for a skive (showed initiative) and then we would pop up through a hedge and back into the runners. This went really well until they changed the route slightly and my friend and I 'popped out' too soon and came first in the cross country. Neeedless to say teachers smelt a rat and we were in BIG trouble! :O

You can do it! :) :)

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Well, that sounds like just what the doctor ordered.

Get cracking now and don't allow yourself the self-indulgence of missing runs 😊 Just work slowly and carefully through the sessions, and if you struggle recall your motivational ibizan idyll ☺

Have fun!


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