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2nd time round

This is the second time I have done C2K and today managed to run for 30 mins on the treadmill relatively easily. Was going to start week 8 28 mins but felt I could manage a full 30 mins. Will need to up the pace a but to get to 5k but amazed how fit I am getting ... and I was 65 yesterday. Once I have finished week 9 will start working towards my first park run at Fountains Abbey. I think what has helped recently has been some new trainers. Bought a pair of Saucony trainers from Up & Running in Harrogate - they are so comfortable and the shop was extremely helpful - would recommend both.

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Well done, A belated happy birthday.

I'm 60 and also amazed at how I have managed to eventually Run routinely 5K now approaching 6K anywhere between 35 and 38 minutes.

The sense of achievement at first unexpected helps to drive me on. think like most it's mind over matter. The hardest part were the first few weeks.

It's a shame that as with my doctor more of us shall I say "Mature" citizens are discouraged from trying out running. But this c25K is such a "Cunning Plan" that works suited to each individual.


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