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New Quest new route, but nice and easy like a walk in the park !

New Quest new route, but nice and easy like a walk in the park !

Managed to fit in a run this morning Sunday as moving house ( only 2 ,miles up the road) in couple of weeks. My shoulder and top of arm is aching ever since I tripped over a tree root running last week

! No problems today I ran to my new lake about 2 k there then 1k lap of it then 2k back home!

Practicing running uphill and running on concrete for when I move. No records broken did just over 5K in 33 minutes which included taking photo of lake (attached view) half way round. Legs hardly ached after. Think doing some previous 6K runs meant a 5K was as they say like a "Walk in the park". My current lake run would probably be a bit muddy with more pesky roots exposed. So probably safer on the tarmac !

Was early about 8am so not many people about. so for now. really enjoyed diong my new route and becoming familiar with hills and concrete without falling over. Only problem is negotiating crossing roads so had to stop once or twice but not much traffic.

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Running round your lakes will be traffic free. We all trip up at times. Trail runs require greater concentration as you have to look where you place your feet and ahead, which slows you down a tad. Fun though, and great in winter. You might need some trail shoes ☺

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