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Week 8 Complete - but having an enforced break

I'm so proud of myself, having just completed week 8 run 3 and have managed to cover 6.4km with the run and the two walks. It is also only my second run outside (have done all my runs on a treadmill at the gym). However my dilemma is that on Wednesday I have to go into hospital to have some reconstruction work done following a mastectomy I had in the spring. This will mean that I will have to have some time off running/exercise (possibly 6 to 8 weeks). Will this put me right back where I was when I started the Couch to 5k back in July?

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Hi Razouski

And well done on your time. I am only achieving around 5km outside, thoguh I have just finished week 5.

I am sure the surgery will take it out of you, even if it is constructive work. How much exactly I am sure your medical team will be able to advise.

But even if you are not advised to run for x weeks, I suspect that youwill be able to walk relatively soon after the operation. So just go out for a power walk, - possibly every day? That will help you to maintain a level of aerobic fitness.

But of course consult with your medical team :-)

Hope all goes well on Wednesday :)



I've just returned to Week 1 following a 3 month lay off for a sore hip flexor muscle. I was surprised how my residual fitness had been maintained. I would suggest you recuperate for as long as your doctor suggests and until you feel comfortable enough to run, then start at an earlier week in the programme and see how it feels. When I have previously had a few weeks off for flare-ups with my MS, I have usually started again at Week 3 or 4, and this has usually worked fine for me. Good luck with the surgery - you are very brave x


I hope it all goes off all right for you Raz ☺ You will have to see how it goes. Be sure to eat a really healthy diet to ensure tip top fettle as you get over your treatment. You will have to ease yourself gently back in. Even if you did the whole programme again it's still only 9 weeks, which in the scheme of things, is not long at all. Or you could aim for the middle of the plan and see how you do ☺

Good luck ☺

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