Stretching and strengthening suggestions!!


Whilst I have been a member of the site for a while, it is only the last couple of weeks I have started to interact with the forum. Many thanks for those who respond with ideas, suggestions and just good ole motivational posts!

Whilst reading these posts, a couple of common themes seem to come up.

1) Lower Back pain(s)

2) Pain in the thigh/hip area.

3) Lower calf/ankle tightness.

Whilst I am no expert, (and if any one has these issues that do not seem to stop seek medical advice), the consensus on reading the replies are that these issues are often related to poor core strength and lack of stretching and agility in the leg muscles and tendons. Often links to stretching exercises etc have been posted. I have done a couple.

So I suggest that we have a post with various links to stretching exercises video clips and related information.

Here is a site devoted to stretching and related issues. stretching-exercises-guide.... (Thanks to who ever who pointed me to that site)

Hip Stretching Exercises stretching-exercises-guide....

Strength Training for Runners

Glutes workout....

Also search for 'Runners World workouts' on Youtube.


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  • Thanks for sharing those links and videos if the last video render that shape afterwards I would certainly try it. lol

    I must confess I'm no saint when it comes to doing stretching and strengthening before any run and luckily found the c25k, 5 minutes walks sufficient enough to enable me to follow each week runs without a stitch on the side as yet, I guess years of long distant walking has kept my muscles supple enough saying all that stretches and strengths are very important at every beginning of any exercises.

    Great post. :)

  • My pleasure.

    I hope others will share their favourite video clips to build up a list of usefult stretching regimens/work out videos...

    Maybe even become a 'sticky'?

  • Thank you yes a 'stick' would be helpful many including myself sometimes are not aware of those videos and websites it's great to know there are variety exercises which caters for everyone. :)

  • Thanks so much Fat_Stab for getting these videos together. Thats really useful!!

  • Our muscles are weak from under use when we pitch up off the couch to start the programme so it's little wonder we get niggles. Core strengthening is a good idea to do on our non run days. Cycling, walking, swimming, Zumba, body pump, yoga, pilates etc etc are all good for helping us get stronger and fitter. All while eating healthier and getting more sleep of course ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Another set of exercises, thanks to Irish Princess

  • As requested .. these have really helped when I was stopped from running owing to severe left knee pain. Turns out my quads had developed quicker than my thigh muscles and was pulling my kneecap out of line. One week of these, once a day and while my knee doesn't feel 100% there is no pain and I did my week 9 day one run yesterday and covered 5K in 31 minutes.

  • Cheers Rob, I hope this page will become a useful resource for stretching and strengthening exercises.


  • This is a really helpful post, many thanks for sharing. I know I am so lazy at doing strengthening but I know it pays off!!

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