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W1 R1 .... On the board

Hi all,

Well after a few exercise free days, my sore hip soon got better following my "free style" run on Tuesday, so went out this morning and did week 1 run 1. It went went well and nice and steady in the 1min running sections. Enjoyed pod cast, definitely helps with my discipline and gives the structure I need. Had a good stretch after and feel good now.

So I'm on the board! Convinced this is a sustainable way to get running rather than my previous attempts.👍

Next run Monday. Boozing tonight (hopefully moderate and controlled as well....) 😊


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Hello and welcome and a big well done on getting the first run ticked off. I love the way you've planned a night of "moderate and controlled" boozing 😏


Well done. Just keep progressing slowly through the runs and all will be well. Cutting down on the beer will make things easier I reckon so go easy on it. You're an athlete now 😊

Have fun ☺


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