W1 R1 - motivation to continue

Some facts about me:

- I hate getting hot and bothered

- I am, by nature, sedentary (and, to be honest, quite lazy!)

- I have, up until now, felt that time exercising could be better used doing something else (knitting, reading, watching tv...)

I have just finished W1 R1 (I did W1 R1 and R2 a couple of weeks ago, but got so busy with work that I stopped, and have now started again).

I am writing this post to motivate myself to continue. At the moment, I feel fantastic, and so proud of myself. Why I feel good:

- I did exactly what the podcast told me (managing all eight runs). The first time I tried a few weeks ago this was beyond me, and I had to walk through a few of the runs.

- I don't feel like dying!

- It was a fantastic way to start my week (it's Monday morning).

- The run boosted my mood.

- The run got me up and out enjoying the day.

- I know from past experience that I will feel better and more flexible for the rest of the day.

And I need to remind myself that exercise is the cure for all my ills: depression, being overweight, lack of energy. Time exercising is not wasted. Quite the opposite. And I hereby promise to myself that I will get to the end of the C25k :-).


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13 Replies

  • well done glad your feeling proud as every time you complete a bit more you will feel even prouder . keep going and every day will feel great

  • Thanks for the support :-).

  • Well done, I was very much as you describe yourself, but having lost 3.5 stone since August (thanks to WW and moving more!) and taken up running so late in my life, I am much more positive and confident! Good luck.

  • 3.5 stone!! Well done!! Were you doing any other exercise on your non-running days? If so, what? And did you modify your diet at all?

  • I joined Weightwatchers in August (for the 3rd time) and upped my exercise, longer and brisker walks with the dog and swum a bit. Then started C25k which I really think has helped me lose inches off my thunderthighs! I still have 2.5 stone to go at least! I have been a yo yo dieter but now I have "discovered" running, I am far more confident that I will keep the weight off this time (barring injury - touch wood!).

  • Thanks :-). Knowing that other people can do it is making me realise that I can do it too. I've ordered a street dance exercise DVD, which I think I'll do on my non-running days. I may look silly, but I think it will be fun!

  • Well done, I've come late to this running lark but I just love it now. You've already improved on what you did last time and now you will keep on steadily improving, you won't even recognise yourself in a few weeks!

  • That's the plan!

  • well done i'm in the same boat did my 1st run yesterday and i ache all over but if it helps me to get fit and loose weight then i say no pain no gain =D just keep reminding yourself that you can do it thats what i did

  • Congratulations! We CAN do it...and let's face it, even getting up off the sofa and trying to run is a good start!

  • well done. my startin fitness was very similar to yours and I am at least two stone overweight so it ha been really hard for me but I'm about to start week five and I couldn't be more proud an surprised of my achievements to date :) so keep it up :)

  • It could have been me that wrote your post. I too HATE getting hot and sweaty. I am by nature quite indolent and a real procrastinator. It has taken me a long time to get to the point where I want to get fit, lose some fat and actually feel happy in my own skin. I tried running in the past but quickly got put off because I was running until I was exhausted, nauseous, hot and winded. This plan really helps build stamina slowly and I cannot believe I actually look forward to going out to run on the next podcast. I feel so proud of myself for the first time in my life. Well done to you and take it one step at a time as the podcasts say. X

  • Well done! I agree; the cure for all our ills, depression, weight and flexibility. Hooray!

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