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W5r1 (again!)

I said on here I'd go out again last night, so I did. Left the girls watching TV and (theoretically) cooking tea, put my running shoes and headphones on, and off I went. I decided it was getting a little dark to go up the road so went round the fields. All in all, very enjoyable but definitely hard work. The first two runs were OK; the third one I had a 30s walk in the middle, rather than getting all the way through. But that's ok - I still ran far more than if I'd not gone out. And I (mostly) enjoyed it, although my breathing was actually quite painful at the end...

I'll do this on one more time before venturing on to run 2 - my knee was just letting me know it was there towards the end yesterday, so although it's not hurt since, I'm very aware of the need to build up carefully.

So (with grateful thanks to Irish-John for the mindset change!) it wasn't a fail - it was a practice run, it was more running than I've done for most of the previous month, it was a gorgeous evening to be out, it was an astonishing achievement given that I hadn't eaten before leaving the office, was tired and hungry, and above all, it was Good. :)

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Wonderful 😀 and that 30 s walk doesn't really make it a practice does it? You sounded like you did brilliantly 😀 keep it nice and slow and take care of that knee. I found breathing on runs really hard as well and have had to work on concentrating on it to day now and then onto R2 - well done you!


That sounds tough but you did it so a big well done to you 😊

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I'm having to do this without the help of Fluffy Puppy, too. She's come into season, and we're not risking taking her out - so by the time she's allowed out with me again, she'll be absolultely raring to go and will pull me along so quickly I'll be flYING! :D


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