5K done or nearly!!

So after the holidays and return to school for all my fostered children ( start of term is usually tricky for them) I have managed to run 3 times this week. It has been on the treadmill as we have very largely lorries (70 of them a day going through our lanes at the moment) and I did nt want to have to keep stopping. My readout says I did 5K in 30 mins. Previous runs were 4.4 and 4.6k. Now I m not sure I believe the distance to be accurate but it doesn wan that what ever the distance today I ran faster and further than I ever have before so I m pretty pleased. Hats off to those of you that do this distance outside as treadmill running I personally find easier than outside. Have a good run to those who are out today

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  • Well done on the 5k - sounds like you've had a busy start to the autumn term!

  • I was thinking hats off to you for doing that distance on a treadmill, especially when you are so busy - I would find it very difficult as being outside is part of what motivates me.

  • A big well done for getting three runs completed and for doing 5K in 30 minutes! It doesn't matter one iota where you run as long as you do 😊

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