I'm off!

No, I don't smell!

I have joined a running group for C25K!

It took all my bravery to set out tonight but my fears were unfounded - everyone was welcoming and I made it in one pice to the end! Hurray!

Can anyone give some good advice for a beginner (and I mean very basic and easy to start!) for all round exercises I can do easily at home in-between the runs i.e. plank as I want to tone and build some small) muscles etc.



Good luck to everyone else!


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15 Replies

  • Well done Lucy !

    Theres lots on here to have a go at :


    Good Luck ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks for that Poppypug!

  • Hi Lucy, well you've done the hard part, starting, well done! i found a lot of info on the nhs couch to 5k website (its also on fb) others i've found to be good are Runners World, Womens Running Magazine and the Running Bug, all either web or fb, i find fb handy cos they then appear in my timeline which in turn has lead me to start Pinterest boards - there are loads you can look up on there too! Although i have to say if anyone was to look at my Pinterest they would think i was a fitness freak cos i add anything that i like the look of but never seem to get the time to do them lol

    Good luck and stick with it!

  • Hi 1welshgirl!

    I have an offer for a running mag so I might have a look at it

    Thanks for the info!

  • Hi Lucy, i'm not sure i'd pay for a magazine, i'm more than happy with what is available on facebook and pinterest and its free! :)

  • Oh, I am delighted. Another social runner in the making! Solitary C25k running took me to 30 minutes and boosted my confidence enough for me to join a club. My running club is fantastic and has taken me to 8.5k already.

  • Hi IbenCopenhagen!

    I tried on my own in the past but got put off for one reason or another. I never thought I would enjoy running with others but it's fun!

    Thanks for your reply


  • I've started doing the other podcast as well flex and something it's seems to be starting on a very basic level can't quite brilliant night myself to do it outdoors so end up trotting around the kitchen

  • Hi Jadrel,

    I'll have a closer look them and see what I can start off with

    Thanks for your help!

  • . . . bring myself!!

  • Well done - you'll become a running addict. I started a few weeks ago and will be doing W7R1 tonight after work. I think I`ve been very lucky and not suffered any injuries yet but I do go slow and steady, following all the advice on here. I have been doing pilates though for about 2-3 years now and think this may have improved my core strength and I think this has got me through so far without having to repeat any weeks and without suffering any muscle pains etc. You could always download a pilates app and try this and I`m sure the plank would be included in these. Hope this is helpful

    Keep up the good work.

  • Hi Indiscoot,

    Thanks for your reply - I will look at pilates. I have seen something about a yoga group too so I may soon be a bit fitter



  • As has been said, the NHS Strength and Flexibility podcasts which are with the famous Laura of the NHS C25K podcasts should give you what you are looking for in a safe way. (There's even a schedule for combining the two programmes although if you are doing the running with a group that may or may not be useful... and it would be quite full on in my view... I did S&F after C25K)

  • Hi Googleme,

    Thanks for the information, I'll bear that in mind!


  • I signed up for Brighton half marathon and joined a running club to help. I love it.

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