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Us graduates still have off times ;)


Haven't run for 5 days.. don't know what was up with me.. mood was low and last night had my first ever food binge since Oct last year.. ate a full carrot cake :( was great at the time.. then I felt so tired and down and was in bed asleep for 9:30pm .

Woke up got kids off to school still feeling low..

Pulled my run kit out's either going to kill or cure me.. lol..

I only ran 3k.. but very glad to report I now feel fantastic and renewed feeling of wellness :)

Sparkys back!!!

Another bunch of gremlins slain:) bring on next run day.. x

If in it out!!!

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Brilliant! So good to hear the gremlins are no more. I need a few jogs like that to get me back in the saddle again. Well done Sparky66!


I wonder what laid you low Sparky - so glad to hear you are back on top!


A whole cake! Blimey that's one slough of despond 😊 Never mind it's done now. Just don't do it again!

Running does lift you up and give you some feel good vibes so keep doing it 😊

To burn off that cake will take at least a week 😆

sparky66Graduate in reply to misswobble

I know miss wobble.. I had just manage to reach my weightloss goal.. got down to 9st 13 lbs on sat.. and thismorning after breakfast I was way back up at 10st 4 lbs... lol that was seriously one heafty cake!!

Not to worry.. I'm back on track .. ;)


Good lass! 😊 Keep on running and having fun. Yeeeeeeeeeeeha! 😊


Aw Big Hugs Sparky ! ((((( ))))

Yep , we get that devil on our shoulder ramming cakes and biscuits into our mouths given half a chance . Don't beat yourself up, forgive yourself and move forward .

You have done brilliantly on your weight loss, Well done for getting back on track and getting out there ! :-) xxxx


Personally, I don't think we can ever completely slay our demons. Every now and then they will be successful. The trick is to just get back on track. I'm coming to the conclusion that I will always have to be vigilant about weight and running. There will never be a time when I can say "I did it" and relax.


Well said jsee :) off to work now..and feeling great again.. just a lapse.. forgive..and move on.. x


Isn't it comforting to know you're not alone with these things? We're none of us perfect so every now and again we'll have a "blip".

The old AnneDroid would have thrown in the towel after doing what you did and believed myself to be a failure who should stop pretending she is something she's not. But now I recognize that as unhelpful negativity (and lies!) and I just pick myself up and get back on course. Don't know why it took 50 years to get to this though...

JaySeeSkinnyGraduate in reply to AnneDroid

I think we just have to mature enough to realise. We have to recognize that nobody is going to sort things for us, and that we can't help other people all the time at the expense of ourselves. And then at our age we don't have to impress people, look beautiful all the time. I don't care who sees this tomato-faced sweating lump after a 7k run - my family love me as I am and nobody else is important.


Yep - sometimes that first step out the front door is the absolute hardest :) glad you made it :)


Partly why I posted..was exactly that.. let others that lapse or struggle, that we can all stray .. it's about taking on the responsibility.. and pulling that inner strength.. pull your socks up and go get back to it :)



Well done Sparky! You got your spark back! 😁

By last weekend I hadn't run for well over a week being away on holiday and my wife not able to run at the moment, we just did some 5 mile walks instead, but on Sunday I did some speed work on a hill, with my running group. Felt great to be back doing it! Yikes! I'm booked in for the Croydon 10k race on Oct 9th, although I shan't race it! I'll have to pull my finger out and get some practice in. So don't worry about having some time off, just make sure you do get back into it!😊


Good luck for the Croyden 10 k Dave :) go on get some serious training in and go smash it ;)

Will look out for your run reports :)



Crush those pesky gremlins... they never give up do they?

Go you..back out there and looking good :)


I LOVE that "If in doubt, run it out!" Great quote Sparky, I'm putting it as my screensaver for those days when work is meh and the biscuit tin is a-calling. Thank you, and congrats on a fine bit of gremlin slapping :)

sparky66Graduate in reply to AncientMum

Your welcome AM.. :) I've had a good food day and the blip over :)

All is calm and well again ;)

Happy running x

Brilliant - love that more of those pesky gremlins have been slain 😀 Happy running! 🏃

Well done sparky for getting out there! We've all had sessions like that I'm sure! I know I have! 😕😊

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