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Wk 9 here I come!

Wk 9 here I come!

I have really enjoyed running this week, the hilly terrain of Cornwall is compensated for by the beauty of the place! The views and scents have certainly helped me get through wk 8 with a smile!

And so home, and head long into wk 9. A little nervous but I'm putting faith in the programme to get me to that shiny badge!

Bluerockdragon mentioned 'me time' in his post earlier. It was for 'me time' that I started this programme. As a family we have had a tough 2016. My husband has had major surgery and ongoing treatments since February. As a family we have over come many challenges and are now back trying toembrace life to the full.

The running is for me, something I can do to loose my thoughts, to grab life full on, to help me 'get through'. And so far it has worked!

So my forum friends, wish me luck next week. I know you will be there to encourage and motivate if needed, onwards towards that shiny badge and then beyond.

Happy running all, have a great weekend!

The photo is for Curlygurly2.......Mother Ivy's Bay.....yes the path to the bay is now all good again, but still very steep 😃.......I didn't run the Bay he he he.

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What a fabulous post - it must be so good to have found something that gives you some time for yourself. Sometimes we are all so intent on giving to others in life, especially when they are our loved ones in need, that we neglect ourselves. And it will make getting your graduation badge all the more important because you have done something that's just for you and that has given you something invaluable at a time when you sound like you really need it

We will all be there for you next week, every step of the way, whoo-hooing 👏 and cheering 👏 from the sidelines - Go get Week 9 and enjoy every moment 😀


Thanks Successful Kate, yes the time out on the programme has been invaluable as you say. An opportunity to tune out of the challenges and to invest time in me. My family are all delighted that I have found this. My son has encouraged me also towards yoga and meditation, which I am loving. Turns out you can meditate while running....., brilliant!!!!!!

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Couldn't agree more! Love the photo. Everyone on here seems to be visiting some beautiful places recently! :) :)


Yay! Thank you so much! I thought I recognised it! We used to jump off that rock when the tide was in...me and my brother went around to the other bay one day, and got cut off by the tide. We climbed up the cliff to that house, they had a massive dog...ah memories, thank you!


Ah, and by the way, if you type @ followed by someones name you can tag them - like this Millsie-J xx


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