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One step closer to the Neon Pink Headband/Sweatband combo (W4 R1 update)

So 12 days ago I last posted about my (ahem) W4 R1 non-fail, and promised to update those who asked.

I put a wee update at the bottom of that post to say I had nearly completed W1 R1 on the second attempt but one of my children called me from home with an urgent question and I just lost my mojo (was on a treadmill). I suppose you could say I did more or less manage W1 R1 but for me, I did not count it as such as I have found it difficult so I wanted to do it right through without interruption.

That weekend was my birthday and I am afraid I ate, drank and was merry. And did not run.

Monday 30th August was my next go at W4 R1.

I can't tell you how great I felt - I managed it!!!! The second 5 min run was so, so, so hard but I listened to Laura say if you push through you will really increase your fitness. I actually thought I was going to expire but I didn't - I did it!! At a pace so slow I swear babies were crawling past me faster - but I did it!!!

I've been dying to get out and try it again but the week has been so, so busy it feels as if life has got in the way. But I have had work trips that have meant I have been walking 20,000 steps some days (unusually) so I am hoping this will be keeping my fitness up.

On the same day as the fully successful W1 R1, I went for a gait analysis with Run4It who were absolutely superb - and as I ran on the treadmill all I can think of was McFitty - so I did my few seconds of running with a big smile on my face. So my feet are neutral and my £17 (in a sale in Nike factory shop) running shoes were OK; fit for purpose.

I was really impressed that there was no pressure to buy anything at all as my shoes were fairly new but I was given a couple of pairs to wear and filmed in each one to see if there was any difference. They had what was described as 'more heel counter' and to be honest they felt very, very comfortable, so I bought them (Brooks??) with the aim of wearing them outside and the Nike's indoor on the treadmill.

So a very positive experience. Thank you so much for your continued support. I am not racing through the weeks but I am still going and have noticed I have gone down one size in clothes with the C25K // Slimming World combo.

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I am feeling a bit nervous as I'm about to go out and do W4R1 - I've just got PC on because my mp3 is charging.. Seems like a LOT of running compared to previous weeks!!

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Oh I am SO pleased for you (and very jealous of your neutral gait)! I remember that second 5 minute run, every puffing step of it! But as always, Laura is right and it really does do what it says on the tin :) You are doing brilliantly, keep on just the way you are, as I can't wait to see that pink combo! My nooo shooeziz are Brooks too and they are fab. Looking forward to your next post! :)

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One run at a time... Well done so far :)


Well done sofargoner😊..

Trust Laura, she is right. I enjoyed week 4, and repeated it longer than I needed to. I hadn't found this forum then and was taking my time working through it.

Keep up the good work.!

Your new shoes sound lovely, I want some..will have to get down for some gait analysis myself (suspect I'm normal though as haven't had any issues) my running shoes are wearing out😅


Great update. Hmm, one pair of shoes for outdoors and one for indoors. Now that is a very good idea!

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