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A Beef tomato


Went to sports direct yesterday in the hope of finding some nice bright running gear. :) full of hope I found 1 pair 3/4 leggings in my size but alas the stretch around my waist found they must be 2 sizes smaller than the label. :( A nice young man explained they send in tons of size 8,10,12,14,16 but only 2 or 3 of bigger sizes and they go the same day almost... embarrassed he said there is one solution but you wont like it....mens come in bigger sizes and we have loads of them. :) I see them as unisex clothing and came away with some lovely bright red shorts and under armour some new karrimor socks to match my trainers and so i am ready to look and jog like a pro-beef tomato :D cant wait to get out there tomorrow.

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My feet are quite big and it can be hard to find ladies shoes that fit so I often buy the men's trainers there as well as the t+shirts. I just want to be comfortable and tbh you can't really tell the difference 😁

When you get an technical tee after an event they are always unisex and I have to say I find them the most comfortable.


No one looks at the size label to find out! Comfort is the vital ingredient.


Great stuff Miss! You are now all systems GO!


What a silly stock policy when the larger sizes go so quick! I order online at sports direct and get it delivered to the store then they give you the postage back as a voucher you can use for socks etc. Good idea to get men's tho. 😊

JmissGraduate in reply to dddd4

Worth knowing for next time..thanks.


As long as it fits it is fit for purpose! Go girl go!


SD's sizes are tiny! Goodness knows why they do it, I would wear a size 10 in, say M&S, but my SD running jacket is a 16! No way could I fit into their biggest running bras...

I love tomatoes!

No one will be able to tell you're wearing men's clothes because you'll be running past them too fast for them to notice!

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