Couch to 5K

First solo run

Without Laura. But it went well.

I couldn't have picked a better play list. I just used a folder with singles and favourite songs in, it turns out, alphabetical order.

So warm up to Will You, Hazel O'connor


This is where I came in , Bee Gees

Ballad of Cursed Anna, Jonathan Kelly

Centrefold, J Geils Band

December 1963, Four Seasons

Everybody's got to learn sometime,

Lemon Tree,

My Star,

Then Perfect Day (Children in Need version) finished just before the 30 minutes so I was about to stop but then Rolling Sea, Eliza Carthy came on so "I will just listen to that". Five minutes later I decided it was time to stop running so walked home to Sinking Soon, Norah Jones, with Stairway to Heaven starting just as I left the park.

Oh yes, and how was the run? Very good, a little bit fast at first but I sorted that out. I ran around the football pitch, not done that before because it involves a down then up section but on a tarmac path so I just took that bit slowly. It gets very slippery when wet so that is only for dry days. Then I went back (down and up again) to run round the meadow.

I took my phone and fitbit app which recorded a total of 4.96k but the map showed me going home by a completely different route (again through gardens and houses!), so I am inclinef to stick with my pedometer for consistency at least. That gave me 5.79 and 7142 steps whereas fitbit calculated 5896 steps.

Anyway, as long as I can run at least 30 minutes that's ok for me


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