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I'm on Week 6 and have been mostly running on a track through the small woods next to my house. I'm running out of room on these longer runs so I've had to switch to a different route which means running on a concrete path. I'm finding it the hard surface hard work and for the first time my feet hurt. Does anyone know if it's a matter of persevering and my body will adjust? Or should I look into new running shoes? Thanks for any suggestions.

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  • I've only been running on pavement so far, but I did up until last week my feet were feeling the impact I think. Both feet were getting a bit red & swollen on the opposite side to my foot arch (Flexum Digitorum Brevis - so google tells me :D) would last for 5 minutes or so after a run then die down. Haven't changed my trainers since I started, but did get some new socks amazon.co.uk/More-Mile-Cush... , so could be worth a try, if like I was, you're just wearing basic trainer socks! Also a little bit cheaper to try out.

    Think any other aches hopefully should go as you get used to the harder ground. When I started I could really feel the impact under my knees, but went after a couple of weeks.

  • You need proper running shoes, preferably from a dedicated running shop. Once you know what type of feet you have (from a gait analysis, which will be free at the running shop) you can buy online, but for your first pair I would get your feet checked. I run on all surfaces but wear trail running shoes for the woodland trails. It's not essential though if it's a decent path you're running on. Winter is the time when running surface and shoes becomes more important

    We generally buy a pair of running shoes at least a half size bigger than our normal shoes as our feet swell during our runs

  • I've personally not had that problem but maybe new running shoes would be the answer. Good sports socks help to protect your feet too.

  • My running socks have padded sections to cushion the feet. I would investigate new shoes too, especially worth a gait analysis. No obligation to buy if you don't feel it necessary.

  • Thank you all for the suggestions. I've ordered up the running socks and have found out there is a dedicated running shop in town, so am going in tomorrow for a gait analysis, advice and hopefully NEW SHOES!! ๐Ÿ›

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