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Week 7 complete!

Well that's week 7 done however..........

I've only gone and hurt my left ankle and knee 😩 Damned council closed the road to the lake where I run so had to go round the local woods - tree root central! Anyway, I'm walking fine but it's a bit painful if I try anything more than bimbling about. Mr B says I should rest it for a few days but after a 4 day "rest" at a festival last weekend I feel like I'm going to loose the motivation and momentum!

I was so looking forward to meeting Julie this weekend!

This is probably a daft question like how long is a piece of string but any advice on how long to rest etc is greatly appreciated lovely people xx

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Oh no, how frustrating. I had an enforced lay off with a cold / cough of about 8 days and felt that running was easier afterwards than it had been before - I don't know why but that seems to be the way it works for me. Take the rest, it's really not worth messing up your body in the long run - you'll get there. When I did my first run after being poorly I let myself treat it as a practice run and whilst it wasn't where I 'should' have been in the program the next one was. Good luck ☺

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Don't worry about losing what you've gained. That's a gremlin that loves to tell you that you'll be back to puffing and panting after 60 seconds! Make sure you knee is 'right' before you run again. I've had 4 and 5 day lay offs and was always surprised that the next run was easier. If there's any chance that it might be more serious than just a bit of a twinge, see your gp. Julie's not going anywhere ;) Hope it's better very soon :)

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