W7R1 and 2!!!

Hi all

Well iv'e completed two more runs of 25 mins non-stop! that's three in total and feeling pretty good. Had a bit of muscle soreness in my thighs after W6R3 but a hot bath took it off and now no aches or pains after a run. Instead of feeling tired i now seem to have more energy while running and afterwards. just come back had hot shower and looking forward to the next run and then onto week 8 and i know i should be able to run for 30 mins no problem in week 9.Beginning to enjoy my runs more now and seeing some definite progress.

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  • Hi Woody. That's great that it's all going so well. Just a couple more weeks and it sounds like the 30 mins will be in the bag. Are your blood glucose levels still staying low?

  • That sounds good. Isn't it lovely when you start to feel it all come together and to really enjoy the running. πŸ˜€

  • That sounds like a great couple of runs - well done you! πŸ˜€

  • Isn't it great when you start thinking you will do it rather than will I do it??

  • Great runs, coming into the home straight and looking good. ✨✨🍸✨

  • Well done keep going, 😊

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