A year on

A year on

We yesterday marked a year since graduation,no run yesterday as didn't finish work until nearly 7pm so would have meant not getting home until nearly 8.30.

So just back from my anniversary run and I really enjoyed it,was a bit warm but do love running along the canal and through the Olympic park.

Off to Devon on Saturday and running stuff already to be packed,hope to do a run on Exmoor and along the sea front.

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  • What a lovely way to celebrate your runniversary with a run through Olympic Park. Exmoor and the seafront in Devon sounds brilliant too. Great that you're still going strong a year on.

  • Oh yes, what Melly said! To hear that your still loving it a year on. Fabulous :)

  • Thanks for your post.It is great to know you are still running a year later. I do want to make running something I do for a long long time so knowing others stick with it gives me more hope.☺

  • Happy runniversary!

  • Happy Runniversary Shannie !

    Enjoy your running in Devon, sounds like it will be lovely xxx

  • Devon is always lovely.......I don't know why anyone chooses to run in other counties..........

    Keep running, keep smiling.

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