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After many months of procrastination, I *finally* started the Couch to 5k last week and just did the first run of week 2 this morning and maybe it's just confirmation bias but I do actually feel like it's already having some benefit.

Ideally I want to be able to do a 5k parkrun non stop without collapsing or giving up, so hopefully this'll work

Figured that keeping myself motivated might be an issue so thought that joining this forum might be useful!

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I joined the forum last week and have found the support amazing. I am using it to post a mini journal and to keep motivated.

It really helps!

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Parkrun is another wonderful experience and many here save their Graduation run for Parkrun day so you get two bangs for your buck sorta thing.

C25k is wonderful and will get you up and running. Providing you go SLOWLY you will complete the programe injury-free and Graduate with no dramas. As new runners we do get niggles from time to time if our bodies are unused to exercise, but with an extra day's rest or good old ice, we can soon be back out there.

Most of all, have FUN! It's a blast it really is.


Parkrun is a great goal to have flashing away in the corner

Finding and using the forum is a great tool to keep motivation going. Well done you! for completing w1r/123 and w/2r1.

Look forward to reading about your adventure 😀


You've come to the right place for motivation, sharing, advice, humour and emotion. It's been an essential accompaniment to the programme for most of us.

Good luck with your running!


Agree with all the others. The parkrun is the carrot for most of us - keep us informed how it goes. I found the podcast & these posts were like having running partners with me at each run. Pushed me, encouraged me & gave useful advice. Good luck with each run!


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