For those intending to do some HR training

after completion of C25K.

I really like this little book by Roy Benson PRECISION HEART RATE TRAINING Download it while you can.

This book is the only one that I can find which is consistent in their advice as to how to calculate your personal training zones - and presents 3 quite simple training plans which go to a VERY high level of intensity and volume - and which are not race length dependent.

The first plan would be ideal to go on with after somebody finishes C25K - so much so that nearly 3 years after graduating C25K , I have now started this programme.

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  • Thank you for sharing. I have downloaded it and had a quick glance and it looks like it will be very good.

  • Thanks I'll give it a read. I've been doing this on and off for a while and i think it has made a difference. I don't seem to have to work as hard to get better results but when I do I just seem to fly along . Also feeling much fitter is great. Happy running mate. Andy

  • If anybody has any questions about the book, please ask - I have read it inside out and upside down!! :)

  • Thanks, I've downloaded it.

  • Hi that is going to be some interesting reading today. Will help pass the time.

    I use a Polar H7 monitor with Strava just to see what I am actually doing. Using the 220 minus age I get 172bpm but the predicted chart says 180bpm. Interestingly my average HR for my run this morning is about 140bpm so in the 60/65% mark.

    Seems about right for someone who is only a recent graduate and just building on doing regular 30 minute runs. If I do the exercises in the PDF then it looks like I need to buy a watch as not easy to see the HR on a phone :)

  • Yes - this is why I finally bought a Garmin watch. I couldn't find any Android App that would call out my HR numbers as I ran - they have audio alerts for pace, etc but not HR. I did have an el cheapo HR monitor watch (from ALDI) which I could programme to BEEP at me when I was outside of a set zone - but the BEEP wasn't loud enough for me to hear it especially if there was any traffic noise. This Garmin is plenty loud for me and vibrates as well :)

  • Thanks Bazza1234.

    I still want to use my H7 so it currently looks like either the Polar Loop or for a bit more the Polar M400.

    Plenty of time to look at things

  • Thanks for the link. Something to work towards in the future.

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