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Knee pain!

I had got up to week 5 and starting to really enjoy the challenge, only to be floored by really sharp pain on the outside of my left knee. It's been a few weeks now and there's been no improvement. In fact it's getting worse. I've been stretching out my glutes and piriformis and doing 'clam' exercises as recommended when I had this pain about a year ago. Could it be caused by something else? I don't really want to bother the doctor and I can't afford a physio at the moment.

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I don'the know what glutes and piriformis are, but I do know about sharp stabbing pain in the side of the knee. It was about week 4 when I first had it and have to be super careful now. It really felt like someone was stabbing me in the side of the knee. My son who's a runner said I had ITB syndrome and gave me loads of knee strengthening exercises and stretches for whatever it was, which have helped enormously but it's still niggly every so often. There will be proper runners on here who will know what's what, and advise you properly but I wanted to post as it sounded identical to what I suffered. Hope you get the answers you need and it's better very soon :)


Hmm sounds like a visit to the GP might be on the cards if it has got worse. The GP may just give you painkillers/anti inflams and order rest for several weeks and or refer you for physio

I had knee pain on the outside of my knee and stopped running but found it hurt when I rested too. I thought I might try and run it off on a gentle jog, and I did! As I got stronger the knee thing disappeared so I put it down to new runner's knee.

Yours could be that, or an injury, which you will have to get seen if there's no improvement. I would get the ice packs sorted and apply as often as possible. Great stuff is ice for calming things down ☺


I injured myself in week 5 too. A sharp pain in my calf. The GP said i had torn a muscle and advised rest , painkillers and physio. I had to pay privately for physio (four sessions at £50 each) but it helped and I had exercises and icing to do. I also bought a Support bandage thing. I had a long nine weeks off running and then went back to week one again. That leg is still weaker but I can run and am now about to start week nine. I'd recommend resting from running meantime and icing it (three times a day) meantime and getting advice from GP if no improvement

Take care. It's not the end of the world if you need a longish break. Honest.


Go bother the doctor ! In my case, knee pain during c25k led to an x-ray and a diagnosis of osteo-arthritis. But also to a podiatrist referral and magic insoles that fixed the pain. You case might be different but if you have an injury you need to fix it and if you have an underlying condition you need to know what it is in order to deal with it.

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