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W2R2 knee pain


So an update - it's now been a week of awful pain in both knees so went to see a sports physio. They believe it may be meniscus inflammation or tear and won't touch me until iv had an xray to confirm either way. So waiting for that now and continuing rest, ibuprofen and ice treatment. This is obviously going to take time so will restart the C25K when fit again. Feeling disappointed that I hadn't really even got started, but plan to get the trainers back on as soon as I'm recovered. We'll done to those moving forward and getting through the weeks, congrats to those who have completed it. I hope to join you one day 😊

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Sorry you’re having troubles with your knees. Hope it’s not to serious and all sorted soon. Take care of yourself and we will hopefully see you on here again telling us how well you’re doing.

WibbleWobble69 in reply to Kamia

Thank you Kamia, I'll be back! (hopefully) x

I had the same problem with my knees. I was so disappointed as I have never run before and my knees just wouldn't let carry on... excruciating pain. I kept resting and using ice but then it would happen again. In the end I saw a physio who encouraged me not to give up. She gave me some simple exercises for strengthening my thighs to support my knees. I bought a foam roller for stretching my thighs. Then bought some really good running shoes which are worth every penny. On the physios advice I started c25k again but repeated each day twice and took longer gaps between runs initially. I'm now on w4r3 and running alternate days... still repeating each run twice. The knees are holding out with minimal pain. It's slow progress but worth it! Don't give up!!

That's so good to read! I'm glad you are still going. Thank you for the supportive advice! 😊


Must be soooo frustrating but yes, don’t give up. I have some knee pain so have put into trainers rubber under heel

Inserts from eBay and completely avoid road and pavement running to soften each foot’s landing. I’m not recommending this, just saying that it helps for me.

Will consider doing that, thank you 😊


I also found having good running shoes and running on a softer surface helps, good luck hope you’re out and about soon x

Thank you 😊


You’re not alone in coming back WibbleWobble69! Well done for completing what you have too! I’m sure you will come back even more ready and this will make your graduation even more special! ❤️❤️

Awww thank you 😊

You will be back WibbleWobble! I had four weeks out with knee pain early in the program and a further week later on. Honestly, if I could make a comeback, so will you. Best wishes for a speedy recovery 😊

Thank you so much 😊

My 2 cents:

I've had this issue with running for over 15 years. Soon after I started training, however fast, slow, whatever ground I run in. It would start as soon as a couple weeks in or less.

Now I've finished week 6 with no problems and about to go on w7r1. What did I change?

The *only* thing I changed is the way I run. I used to land on my heel, on the advice of a sporty friend that I trusted, like a fast jumpy "walk". I now lean forwards a bit and try and land in the middle of my foot or closer to the ball of my foot. It took a lot of practice for me to manage that, as it required undoing a lot of the training I'd done to my brain on "correct form".

If this rings any bells for you I really hope it might help. Get better soon!

Thank you for the advice. Im not sure how I land to be honest, can barely walk at the mo so can't even test!! I will def consider this when Im up and running again. Thank you 😊

Yeah definitely rest, you need to be at 100% when you try again! Good luck!

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