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Done W5R3 - yet again!

I remember the first time I did this, some time in the winter, and it wiped me out and dented my confidence about moving forward. I did make it to week 6 but have gone backwards lately so trying to build fitness and confidence again at the moment.

Felt very sluggish when I got up this morning and very out of sorts (maybe last night's red wine!), but pushed myself to get out there. And oh my was it hard going! I did feel like giving up numerous times, everything hurt and I felt so tired. But I'm getting pretty good at overcoming the gremlins after nearly a year of practice so I kept going to 20 minutes. I have no idea how I am ever going to get to 30 minutes, but I will not give up!!

Happy Sunday folks 😄

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Well done... it take a lot of determination to get out there again... :)

Slow and steady, as ever... just take it one step at a time..keep posting and we will support you :)

What's the quote...? " Your legs aren't giving up.. your head is trying to...keep going"!

You can do this :)


Well done :-) It is hard but such a great feeling when you finish :-) Good luck with week 6


Every run is different, some feel easy and some harder. It makes sense but I was not expecting that when beginning :) Head full of fears and insecurities as I was :)

Now I don't put the extra pressure on myself by thinking - when it turns out to be a 'practice run' for me and not a 'succes day' - that I went as far as I probably can go in the programme on the last run. :)


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