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Couch to 5K
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Got a bit lost

Over the last 12 days what with the end of the school year and then the shock of having all the foster children around all day and forgetting just how attachment seeking they are ( we say attachment seeking instead of attention seeking) as they are usually desperately looking for a safe reliable unbreakable adult to attach to just as our own children attach to us on the early days I just could find the energy or time to run. Today after being shattered from a 10hr day out yesterday with them I dragged myself off the couch and ran ( on the treadmill as leaving them home alone is it an option) and managed 4.1 k in the 30 mins and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. So pleased with myself as was worrying I would nt be able to pick it up again

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You are an absolute hero Tombenoly!! How you had the energy to complete the programme at all, let alone run is beyond me! But well done, just over 4k in 30 mins is great. I hope it felt good to be back on it! Nice to have you back :)


The only word is... amazing! An absolute star. :)

Well done...on every level there is :)

Good to have you back and running :)

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Fantastic - I have found that when I've had a break (my longest was 10 days) it often helps. The concept of attachment is so much nicer than attention. I always think people are attention seekers because they NEED attention. Good on you for the fostering (not meant to sound patronising): that's a tough job and the world needs more good fosterers.


I've also been a bit lost, but managed a 20-minute run to break the spell. So glad to be back out there.

Well done you, on all your efforts - the running could be your saviour when you need a bit "down time". 🏃🏻


Well done for finding the time in what must be a busy day every day. Good to find half an hour to yourself or at least partly to yourself! A good distance I think in half an hour.☺


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