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Got a 3!

Rather delayed Parkrun report. It was to be the third but I really didn't feel up to it and only by remembering the same feeling about meeting Laura once again and the satisfaction of week whatever it was being completed did I push myself to get there. A plethora of skulls and scythes were present, plus a couple of inflated ghost suits, which must have been sweat boxes. On the run I found a number of mummies running with their children (and an occasional daddy) and their rate of progress acted as a pacemaker to my plodding. I had to complain to the odd one about walking faster than I could run but that was a useful diversion which helped me around the 3 laps making the 5k. But - I did it in 39: 49. It starts with a 3, not a 4! Pitiful I know to those who lapped me, it seemed, several times, but a whole 79 sec improvement means a lot to a plodder. And around 20 behind me, though it has to be said that some of them were the aforesaid mummies (I didn't count the children).

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Well done for getting there and doing it! It's always better to talk yourself into it rather than the other way about. I bet you're glad to have done it, rather than stayed at home feeling guilty about not going.

It doesn't matter how you get round. You finished the job so that's what matters. Those runners lapping you will be the elite runners who use Parkrun 5k as a speed training session . It's good for speed merchants as well as us mere mortals. It suits all sorts so is a good event to take part it.


Fantastic result well done! We have some reet speed merchants with buggies at ours so I've given up even trying to catch them!


Well done you! Congrats on the pb!! Keep it up - 47 more runs to you red t-shirt :)


Great progress - well done ☺

Breaking the milestones always feel so rewarding. Keep running 😊


very well done

That's my aim - to get under 40 mins outdoors

can do it on the treadmill but not outside - perhaps I need to come follow you round your next parkrun - match your pace :)


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