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C25K- music? What music?

Hi Everyone, I have just completed W7R2 and am still using my fitbit to gauge the distance mainly because I font know how to take up the recent advice on here to have mapmyrun running too? Anyway wk7 r1 was 2/03km and r2 was 1.96km so as you can see I'm not over doing it!

Reading the post one or two people have mentions the great music with c25k, hey why haven't I got that too. I have no music at all and feel I'm missing out. Any ideas.


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The music comes with the podcast, beyond that I don't know. The music gets mixed reactions - there's usually more people remarking on it's naffness! It's cheesy but I like it because it's reminiscent of a lot of 70's and 80's stuff.

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I assume that you are using a C25K app. These have the spoken instructions and assume that you will play your own music.

As Polly has said, the music (and also the trainer Laura that we mention) are from the NHS podcast.

Take your pick.


Yes, the music comes from the podcasts, downloadable here

Well done for getting so far without music and also without the help of Laura's well timed encouragement and advice through the runs (I assume the app doesn't do that?). I'd recommend the podcasts but seeing as you've got this far you may not fancy it. Although you'll be just in time to meet Julie at the start of week 8...! :)


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