Any one out there with a pace maker?

Hi all

Had a bit of a shock today , my Gp had referred to cardiology as my pulse often slows down a bit . Went today and I am having a pace maker put in on Tuesday . WHilst I can only marvel at the wonders of our fantastic NHS , I'm a bit scared , I'm a fit 55 year old!

I'm just wondering if any one has one ? Is it ok when you run ? Can you tell me anything ?



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  • Lord, that must have been a shock! I know 2 people with pacemakers but they are both male and a good few years older. Both are however very fit in every other respect, although not runners as far as I'm aware. Although I have no relevant advice or info, I just wanted to say I'll be thinking of you on Tuesday and hope everything goes well and you make a super-speedy recovery. I found this website which gives some info on exercise after having a pacemaker fitted...

  • Thank you so much for your reply , I really appreciate it x.

    I am going to look at the web site now.

  • Good luck, good to sort these things out early. Can't answer your questions but please don't hesitate to ask about running and anything else- they will be glad you want to exercise.

  • Good luck and it's great they are on the case and getting things sorted for you. Ask everyone you meet along the way who has professional expertise, I always find this is the best way to get advice. Some of your consultants, nurses, doctors will be runners and some will not but the thing they want the most for you is to be fit and active. I find that you can usually tell when your talking to a runner they just seem to understand the question with more sympathy. I know for some heart operations they offer physio afterwards so it's worth asking right from the start of this is available for you. My best advice is knowledge is power just keep asking, no one minds answering the question even if they don't know the answer just then they can find out for you.

  • Got a mate who is in his 70s with a pacemaker. He runs, cycles, skis, rows ...etc - fittest person I know, regardless of age and pacemaker . So you should be able to maintain fitness, BUT no one on this site is qualified to advise you on your particular medical need. People may share their experiences, but Take only medical advice. The nhs staff will be there to help. Good luck.

  • Thanks everyone for support and advice , it's good to know that their are people out there still keeping fit post pace maker

    My Gp says yes I can run ! Horray

  • Hi Mollydex,

    I had a pacemaker fitted 6 years ago and am the same age as you.

    Sorry to hear you need a pacemaker but once you get it ,you will forget it's there!

    I used the fab app C25k and have since graduated and continued running and going to the gym.

    You will get an info pack when you leave hospital ( an overnight stay is all you should have) and it encourages you to exercise after a short recuperation. Some explosive sports , squash for example are taboo and special consideration for contact type sports , rugby, soccer should be considered.

    As regarding running , I have found no Ill effects , although at the beginning I did feel a bit saying that , I had not exercised for a few years before starting the C25K so, as you have recently graduated and ran further distances (well done BTW!) you are well placed to be fit for the procedure and for a speedy recovery.

    Good luck on Tuesday and don't fret, it's a doddle!!

    (Apologies if rambled a bit , but it's my first post! I have been encouraged by other postees but now it's my turn to put you at ease)

  • Hiya, I have a pacemaker and have had one since I was a child - I'm now 50!

    I've been running for just over 2 years now, with no problems at all. A pacemaker simply means that we're able to be fit and healthy if we choose to be.

    I just find that I have to wear a crop top over my sports bra, just for a bit of support to the pacemaker (not due to being busy I can tell you!).

    The op itself is fairly straightforward although it's not particularly pleasant being as it's under local - but that's me, I just don't like it!

    So don't be worried about the op or life after. You should be able to continue to run, perhaps take it steady at first. Oh, and make sure if you go swimming you're not alone, just in case.

    Good luck, take care ☺ xx

  • Thank you both so much , I'm so encouraged , it' feels good to know you are out there and doing so well. I'm so happy that I can run and am now feeling so much better about the whole thing

    You have all made me feel so much better , and already I feel " normal " again

    Thanks guys

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