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Finally..... First Park Run

After graduating mid March I decided I would definitely give park run a try...... Four months later and I have finally got around to doing it. It was fab, really enjoyed it, although my 5k times haven't improved at all since graduation I wasn't last! Not that that would have mattered at all, everyone is really encouraging and once finished stayed to cheer the slower ones to the finish. Brilliant!

I'm still running three times a week and checking in on the website to read all the positive posts, although I haven't posted anything for ages.

Gutted that due to going on holiday and other weekend plans I can't do another park run until September but it has rekindled my enthusiasm for running which, to be honest, was waning somewhat. I am re-inspired and definitely packing my running gear for my holiday. 😊

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Wondered what the parking were like. Only just started but that's my aim.


Hi Neverrunmum -i graduated last Thursday and did my first park run on Saturday. It was a bit of a slog but I managed 5k in 37 minutes without stopping. I'm off to Keswick for a week on Saturday and we're going to do the Stratford-upon-Avon Park run en route!

I have found my lower back suffering - I think it was the step up from 30 mins to 37. Just off for a run this morning and I'm hoping it's going to be OK!

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