w1R3 due tomorrow and already I don't feel like it!!!

w1R3 due tomorrow and already I don't feel like it!!!

Is anyone at my stage with me? I will need to get up at 6am to get this done before getting home and waking the kids and getting myself out the house to leave for work before 7:30am. I find the thought of getting up at 6 instead of my usual 6:30 is making me feel really sorry for myself. I know I will feel better for doing it if I do it, but Im really VERY good at self sabotage. Staying up late, eating rubbish late into the evening, - heaven knows why. Anyone with me on this??? I will, I must, I know, I must do it.


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  • Lay your kit out before you go to bed so everything you need is ready for you. That way you can set off as soon as you've had a drink of water. Earlier out, earlier back to a cuppa and a shower- win win! Good luck :)

  • I'm not a morning person at all, so my preferred running time is late evening (I find around 10pm ideal) so I'm in awe of anyone who can get up early and run! I know some people lay their running kit out so that it's "easier" to get going (I use this lightly as I can imagine it's the hardest thing in the world). I know that once I've told the forum it's like an obligation to go as everyone expects a post saying how the run went :)

    You've done it twice already so physically you can do it. Just remember how good you'll feel once it's done - you can cross the week off and you'll be ready to start Week 2 in a couple of days!

  • My normal alarm time is 6.30 but I have been getting up around 6 to do my run before work. And yes I stay up too late in the evening. I haven't found it too bad to get up and out in these light mornings not sure I will be looking forward to the cold dark ones. Anyway one day at a time for us both. And if we should slip off the wagon we just need to climb back up there again. Good luck. Keep us posted how you do.

  • I take it you did it? (not read the responses yet). I gave up my self sabotaging behaviour before I took up running (the two are not connected) but otherwise, yes, I would be with you. I an in awe of anyone who does it with kids and a full time job!

  • I admire you to get up that early and run I have to work at 6amtwicw a week and iam not a morning person but you can do it ,Yeasterday evening we went for a run and honseltly beliveied we were not going to complete in the heat but we did it and was amazed at what we had acivied so yes you can do it

  • Self-sabotage? Oh yes, I know all about that! Not wanting to run? Yep, that too. So I give myself permission to not want to go - not to not go (if you see what I mean). I can get changed grumbling about how I don't want to do this, put my shoes on reluctantly, get the dog sorted all the while thinking how much I'd rather stay at home. But once I'm out the door and get started all that stops and I just get on with it. And I've never yet regretted actually going...

    (That said, yes, I have missed quite a few of my normal running slots recently, so I'm perhaps not the best person to chivvy you along...! I'm due to run this evening, and have no idea how late I'm going to need to leave it to feel that I can cope with the heat!)

  • I have two little ones and I know what you mean about really not wanting to get up any earlier. Are evenings a goer at all for you?

  • Evening runs are good as there are fewer folks about and generally less traffic, plus it's cooler. I am heading out later. If you would just be sitting watching telly otherwise you've nothing to lose ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • I have three boys. My 11 year old comes with me. The other two (4&2) stay at home with my hubby....sleeping.

    I am not a morning person either. I Abe found though if my alarm goes off and I don't get up my brain will not leave me alone knowing full well that I should be getting up going for that run. "Just do it, you know you'll feel better" "you're not going to get in shape laying here!"etc etc

    Let me tell you not being a morning person and waking up to a 4&2 yr olds (that have instant adrenaline as soon as there eyes senses it's light out) is A LOT worse then waking up hearing the birds, smelling the fresh dew&feelingthe air and sun starting the day! I ALWAYS feel better after accomplishing what I planned to. It just starts my day on the "right foot";)

    Then when I get home take my shower I am ready to take them on.

    That's the kind of mom I want to give them.

    You've got this, make the right choice for you!:)

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