Knee gone poop 😢

So I've just finished W2R3 and am loving it, and have got so much good news to say, but unfortunately before the glory of looking forward to W3 and telling you how much I am suddenly love running, my knee has gone poop...

I am religiously following run day / rest day / run day / etc... So today being a running day was the hardest one ever, due to the pain in my knee.. I noticed a niggling on Fridays run, but the pain never settled, so I never thought anything of it. But I did take precaution and bought a knee support for running, them when walking my dog on Saturday, a 5 mile wander, it all felt fine in the support, then waking up this morning, CRIKEY it hurt, but, and maybe now stupidly, I got up and completed the W2R3, but now this evening I am feeling it, and it ain't a nice feeling 😭

So I am currently wrapped in a tea towel packed with Tescos Finest Peas.. And am thinking what now..

Do I wait until Tuesday, my next running day, and just give it a try, or do I wait it out, listen to all the advice written in previous posts, and give it more than a days rest... (I guess reading that sentence back to myself, I already now the answer, but it might be nice for someone to tell my directly, as them I will probably listen!)

Any advice gratefully received.. as in all honestly I am well into this, so don't want to bugger it up for any longer than I need to..


James 😊

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  • Well, I think you know the answer joak99! Let your knee settle right down before you attempt to run again! It just isn't worth risking a nasty injury for the want of a few days rest is it? I think in the early stages of C25k especially, it can be quite hard to distinguish between a niggle that you can run through and the warning signs of injury! Also, you may find at this stage that you are better off taking two rest days rather than one between runs. I graduated last year but still vary my rest days if I think I need to. Have just taken a 12 day break to try and let a hip niggle settle. It's really important to learn to read what your body is telling you. Good luck and I hope your knee settles soon🙂.

  • Yes I would definitely rest it . Better a few days off now rather than a long term injury.

    Its the pits I know , lets hope its just a niggle that will sort itself out with a few days rest .

    Good Luck ! :-) xxx

  • I would rest it until it feels stronger. Speaking from experience I tried to keep going and ignored a painful ankle, I ended up on the IC for 3 weeks. Not trying to dampen your spirits but always listen to your body.

  • Rest is extremely important, long term injury is not worth the price of a few days extra rest. I would say take a week off and take a visit to the GP.

  • Rest,rest,rest on IC myself for god knows how long, cos I ignored my knee. Absolute not worth the risk. Good luck

  • Rest! I sustained an injury in week 5 the first time round and took one extra rest day and tried to go out running again thinking I wouldn't let it beat me. Couldn't even do the first run of the session and hobbled in agony home for NINE weeks on the injury couch and eXpensive physio sessions. Even now, 14,weeks on, it's still weak and I have to be careful. Please rest up and listen to your body. C25K is not a race to the end !

  • Thanks all, message received and understood, as I say I think I knew what the answer would be, but being thick skulled I just needed a few people to tell me!

    Rest it is for a few days then :)

  • I'm currently in recover from a knee and ankle injury after completing w1 r3. I've had to see a physio who has given me knee strengthening exercises to do. It's been nearly 3 weeks for me now and I'm desperate to get back to running. Take it easy and look up knee strengthening exercises which really do help. Well done on starting out on this journey.

  • Glad you've got the message now! ;) Don't look on it as a setback, so much as learning a very important lesson at an early stage... :)

  • I had exactly the same problem as you - I rested for one week that turned into two (oops) but it feels completely fine and was so worth resting it. I must stay starting back up after two weeks was hard, but its better to be safe than have long term problems!

  • Sounds like what happened me, went to docs, waited weeks to see the physio who gave me exercises and said it was a meniscus tear or trapped meniscus (meniscus = cartilage I think). Was with physio for 8 weeks and didn't run again for a few months. Then the same happened my other knee, and I was able to treat it immediately using the exercises from before.

    But, get it checked out!!!!!

  • Same thing happened to me at the end of week two. I mistakenly ignored a little niggle in my knee and then hurt it on the next run. Put me out for two weeks. I kept icing it regularly and it slowly got better. It was tough waiting it out, but now I'm back at it and haven't had a problem for 3+ weeks.

  • 17 days later, 17 days of rest, I took my first steps again last night and the knee felt good. I've been resting it since my last post, been doing some strengthening exercises and some swimming, and it felt much better a few days ago, but to just be sure (well that and the fact I had a boozy bbq over the weekend) I left it a few more days, and completed another week 2 run last night, and all felt good.

    I am noticing a small twinge today in the same area, but no pain whatsoever, so I think I will continue with strapping it up, putting some ice on it on rest days and the exercises and see how I go.

    I had already completed week 2, but thought after 17 days off to try it again, and it felt OK, so now Thursday I will try week 3 and fingers crossed I can get back into the routine again :)

  • Good news joak99 !

    Yep, keep on with the icing, it really does help in calming things down .

    Kneesy does it , ( sorry couldn't resist ha ha ! )

    Good Luck ! xxx

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