It's easy now,,, (well... A bit easier)

Week 6 run 1 today - very glad I had my running jacket on as it's certainly cool and windy out there. I was surprised we were back to intervals and "only" 18 minutes of running after Friday's 20 minute triumph. However Laura described it as a "consolidation week" and of course I did what I was told. There's three runs with walks in between and I was surprised how (comparatively) easy it was, even the eight minute one. I think knowing I was going to get a walk break soon helped me keep going . I even found myself singing along to some of the tunes.... ( eek). The final five minute run was slightly uphill due to bad planning on my part, but I found myself laughing and singing again at Laura's choice of music " it's easy now". Not sure I would say easy, but definitely easier and can already run way more than I would have thought possible a few months ago. Roll on Tuesday and W6R2 - forecast for sun early evening so maybe get to wear my short sleeve top and perhaps even shorts!!!

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  • I remember singing along in week 6 too! You sound like you are doing well and there are only a few runs till graduation. โ˜บ

  • Well done you - glad you had a good time singing along - and it got you round. Laura's tunes seem to be just right for me too, strange but just right. On to the next one........

  • I love the way the lyrics sometimes fit so perfectly - 'can't do this long-distance thing' in week 3, 'this is the greatest day' in week 1. :D

    And I'm in awe of you singing along - I did w6r1 yesterday evening, and definitely didn't have any breath spare!

  • It's the first time I have! I did it slowly and it helped. Good luck for 6-2.

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