Wetness, words, wonder...and a worm!

( This is a ramble, apologies,.... I have not had one for a while)...

Out this morning, into the damp air. The rain storms overnight have left the world newly-washed and sparkling.

My warm up walk takes me out to the road, past the freshly- showered gardens. The regimented rows. the Brigadier Begonias, the Infantry Impatiens and the straggly-raggly rambling roses, escaping from the parade-ground beds. Out, onto the hill, no-one in sight, and a brisk walk, shaking out the stiffness from my old bones and loosening those tight muscles.

I took advantage of my solitude and stretched my arms out and above my head, bending and flexing as I walked. Turning before Seagull roundabout, I began to jog, very gently down the hill, gathering pace carefully; Laura's words, my absent, but familiar friend, in my mind.. face relaxed, hands and shoulders relaxed, running tall, which suits me so well, now. Lifting my heels, cycling motion and breathing... well..I just breathe :)

Down to the main route through the village and across a deserted road and up past Rookery wood, silent and still; the dense lush greenness of the undergrowth, full of secret sounds, soft drippings and hidden streamlets beneath the tree roots. Wordsworth's words, echo, from my school days,

"...touched by faint, internal breezes, sobbings of the place. And respiration from the roofless walls..."

Still running up the hill and along the seaside-shingled track to the fields. My favourite runs are taken here. I love them. Round the edge of the first field, wet underfoot, but newly-cut since my last run..no thistled or nettled edges here now; round the perimeter, keeping a steady pace, words spinning in my head as I take it all in. Over the next, damp, field, a raptor hovers above an unsuspecting creature, wings fluttering, in a silent and deadly dance. Too far away for me to disturb him, he is still there, as I turn across the muddy stream and into the next field. Words fill my head;

Ted Hughes this time and, "...the hawk, Effortlessly at height hangs his still eye. His wings hold all creation in a weightless quiet.." I shudder, even in the growing warmth of the morning.

Along by the bottom end of the Steam railway track, here, where the ancient trucks and wagons find a final peaceful end to their days. Decaying slowly into the bushes, until they disappear, under the weight of Nature.

Up the incline at the far end of the field joining the track over the railway line, and across the flattish stretch past the Hidden Pond. The crop is growing strongly, damp and green this morning with shimmering droplets decorating the strong spiky stalks.. It is a deserted world this morning....and words from school-days still cling as I run, out through the gate, ( the one I can open) and along the lane to the next village; Wordsworth again...

" The sky rejoices in the morning's birth; The grass is bright with rain drops..." I was sitting A-levels and the words, learn by heart for the English Lit' exam have stayed with me ... amazing! I think he would have loved my runs!

Well, some of them:)

Not a soul, not a car, just the horses along the ridge, grazing in the sunshine, and into the village. Round the stocks and back along the lane towards home. Slipping through the gate, I am conscious that I feel a bit tired, the run around the wet fields, my soggy shoes and the added distance of running the perimeters, is telling.

I up my pace a little now, even though I am weary. Lifting my feet and following the narrow track, back through the crop field, over the line and straight down towards the lane. In the lightening of the day, i am filled with the most incredible sense of wonder. I am out, in the morning, I am able to run, I can breathe, see, hear and feel and I am so thankful.

Then quite unexpectedly, the silliest thing. Suddenly, as I ran towards the end of the field and out into the lane, straight into my head, in time with my feet. ABBA!!! Again!

I had shared my run with two of my favourite poets and now ABBA??? Oh yes.. loopy is the word!

The tune, keeping pace with my running, over and over again...not their words, mine, no thought of making up words, they were just there.. what an ear worm!!! All the way home...and for most of the day! Heavens!

Thank you for the running, the runs I'm making,

Thanks for all the joy I'm taking

Who could live without it, I ask in all honesty?

Where would we be,

Without a jog or a run, who are we?

So, I say, thank you for the running,

For giving it to me :)

I am so, so sorry.... it's Friday! :)


36 minutes solid running...6 K and a bit ! :)


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51 Replies

  • That's brilliant floss! Now I'm going to be singing that song with your words all the time. I prefer your words actually 😊 and I think your poets would approve 😏

    That's a gorgeous sounding run and what a great time too!

    Have a fab weekend xxx

  • I am getting faster... certainly on home ground... mind, anything after 6 K and I slowwwwww down! Well i got rid of the ear worm when I heard poppypug 's Friday groove!!! Thank goodness:)

    Have a lovely weekend...


    Are. you are watching Murray now?

  • Come on Murray!!

  • Yeay! Go boy!

  • 👍🎾🎉

  • Thank you for the posting

    It makes me smile

    To share these runs with you.🎵

    Another great post Floss. That run sounds brilliant. You are an inspiration to us all.x

  • Loving the tunes... I have such fun... aren't we so, so lucky! xxxx

  • Wonderful run, wonderful poems, wonderful new song. 😀

  • Sometimes, I think my head needs switching off...when I am working on stuff, and ideas, i even wake up in the night and jot them down... only problem is, I often do not put my glasses on and then I cannot read them in the morning!!!

    I love my poetry...:) I just hope ABBA never find out what I have done to their music..! :)

  • Your runs are so poetic! Certainly the way you describe them.

    Not to ruin the poetry and imagery but another very random tag there which made me giggle...!

  • Horrendous... I have this image of a tape worm now..maybe that is what is in my head! :) eeek!

    My runs are like that.. full of stuff.. and it is wonderful! I am so very lucky!

  • Lovely post and I loved the song! But where does 'gastrointestinal infections' come into it?!

  • Err.. ear worm.. think tape worm...ughghhghghg! I shall never put worm in again!!!

    The song will annoy after a while..my husband is singing it now... Thank your for the walking!!!!! :) x

  • Sounds wonderful. I think Wordsworth would've approved of the Abba too... 'I am able to run, I can breathe, see, hear and feel and I am so thankful. ' - reminds me of Nina Simone 'I Got Life'.

  • Thanks... it is so weird to think how stuff stays with you...:)

    I love that Nina Simone song...I've got life.. I've got my freedom, I've got life...... I need to go and root that out of the cupboard now... thanks for reminding me :)

  • My pleasure, one of my favourites...

  • Found it! :)

  • Me too! You might just be able to hear me playing it now if you listen hard!

  • I can :)

  • Wonderful post. I look forward to the time I can run and enjoy it and the world around me. When I do my W4 R1 tomorrow and am finding it hard I will remember your words to inspire me to keep going so I can do what you do one day.......love your posts - thanks :-)

  • Good luck tomorrow..slow and steady☺ I really have fun..and have to sometimes make an effort to focus on the run. I do have runs where I concentrate on pace or distance..honestly I do! A lot of folks know my rambles well though and are used to my odd ways😏

    Thank you..I will be right with you tomorrowx

  • Wonderful account of your run oldfloss.. and what a great distance and pace.. you sure love your runs.. So looking forward to the days when mine become a little less difficult and can relax and enjoy the scenery more :)

  • Mon the Murray!!!

  • So exciting..trouble is I am worn out after the matches..I jump around so much😏

  • Fab and what a tag for the end of your run. Being a maths student I was not familiar with the waxinGSM of the poets but ABBA yes!

    I am the running queen, old and grey but getting lean....

  • Love it..we could be a running vocal duo...a la Mama Mia 😏

  • Sweet, beautiful and inspiring. You ought to write a book: running, classic British poetry and Abba. Surely a winning combo!

  • I am writing a book..about running..but...it is a murder mystery! Maybe ABBA could feature though! 😏

  • Just get your pre orders up on this site. Now!

  • Another lovely post, my dear oldest running lady! I love your application of poetry - you make me see the hawk and the raindrops. I have too much other stuff in my head when I run to be as poetic as you. And you're a fast lass!

  • Getting faster too... how did that happen? You are a total sweetie... !

    My head... well... it is like a whirlpool... goodness help this new expected Grandchild! A loopy grandparent! :)

  • But Floss a loopy grandparent is by far the best kind. Just imagine the adventures the 2 of you will have! 😀

  • I really hope so... I want to be the best that I can....I am feeling all chumbled up inside at the moment... we go away to France in a few weeks time and I feel weird about going... never thought it would affect me like this!!

    I almost cannot think about this new small person's arrival, I get so excited!!!!! What am I like? :)

  • Exactly like an expectant Grandma!!!

    A new chapter, a new life, what could be more wonderful? Xx

  • Who could ever run on a treadmill again after reading that wonderful appreciation of nature! I love solo country running too . The shifting light and changing moods of the sky put all my small worries into perspective.

  • That is exactly right.... it does focus the mind wonderfully. The things that matter, the precious, priceless moments... pure, pure joy :)

    You know.... I can tell :)

  • Thank you for your inspiring post and for the song. I shall be singing it on my next run.😊

  • Thanks...so catchy..ABBA mania hits the runners☺

  • Ah, good old Abba! I ran with Abba music last weekend and thought of you Oldfloss - no doubt I will now be singing your words too! Seriously, another lovely post - so glad of it as I felt that I was out there too🏃🏻 Just what I needed as I am having a self-imposed week off running at the moment due to feeling pretty shattered and having a hip niggle! Missing it lots but feel better having read this! (Exits stage left mumbling somewhat bizarrely.."Thank you for the running, the runs I'm making..."). Bonkers! Please never change Oldfloss! x

    Oh, and btw that was another super speedy time! You are really on a roll at the moment!🙂

  • Lovely post , a masterpiece ! :-)

    Oooh Floss, youre zipping up and down those lanes and along those fields in a super fast time , Well done !!

    Oh I love Abba too, they are just timeless , proper classics.

    Whats that one that I like ? Oh yes....." Chicken tikka tell me the truth " or something like that ha ha :-D xxx

  • Only the first few Ks..I get really slow after that 😩

    Yes..ABBA are featuring at the moment.Just great to run to!

    You are a card!☺

  • I am getting faster..so weird...One day a week. One run is fast!

    I am loopy..Always have been...different..😏

    Sorry you are feeling a bit tired...rest up and keep singing...it works wonders.

    I am out again Sunday...you will be with mex

  • 6k is great going, well done, good time too! :-)

    I love reading your posts, and the song is hilarious. I'll be blaming you if I get Abba on my next run! ;-) Mind you, you could be on to something there, a useful tactic to spur me along perhaps... hmm....

    Have a lovely weekend and thanks for sharing


  • Fast for the first 5/6K..then I slow right down!!!

    Thanks for reading the rambles... i think ABBA need a rest.. got to get them out of my head! :)

    Have a lovely weekend too :)

  • I construct poems on my runs and completely forget them once I get home. Good job Wordsworth wasn't similarly afflicted 😊

    I don't think I have any ABBA on my playlist. I do have plenty of Nina Simone though.

    Your run report reminds me I must head out on the trail again 😊

  • True... he wandered around a lot, especially when he was alone... and always remembered his words! :)

    I found my CD after I was reminded! Now, get out there and have a good run:)

  • You are getting fast, Oldfloss! 6k and a bit in 36 minutes, that is really good. Thank you for another lovely running story. I hope that one day I will be able to really see and enjoy my surrounding when I run as much as you do.

  • I can do a first fast few K and then it gets slower... but who knows!

    My runs are fun... I love them... me and the world!

    I was thinking of you, this evening, whilst listening to the radio.. the song Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen came on... ! :)

    I see a lot on my runs, but you will probably run much better than I ever will... I am too busy looking around! :)

  • Depends what running better means, Oldfloss ;-)

  • Salty old girl of the town 😀 I have that choon on a 78! 😀

  • Salty.. I kept missing the word.. salty! That has been driving me nutty since I heard it... Thanks youx

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