Hi I'm new to posting , now on week 5 and the killer day 3 ๐Ÿ˜ณ I almost did it !!! durring the 20 min run I did slow down to a walk a few times but only for 10sce or so to catch my breath but still felt good as it still the most I've ran .

My trouble is that I feel guilty to have a rest day and worried that I will give up so have been out every day since last week , I feel fine no injuries other than my calf muscles feel a little sore and tight. Does everybody have their rest days worried I might be overdoing it as I was really unfit to start with



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  • As more experienced runners on here will tell you the rest days are really important; it gives your muscles etc time to recover.

    You risk injury by running every day, especially if starting from being unfit.

  • Take your rest days. Over use injuries will put you out for a lot longer than one day. And well done on the epic run & you'll nail it next time.

  • Rest days are very important especially for new runners. And they are not a waste. They give your body time to recover and why not use them to do something else?Swimming, walking, cycling, strength and flex?

  • Don't run every day! The rest days are a very important part of the running journey. That's when your muscles recover from the exercise and get stronger. If you use them continuously for the same movement without rest, then as everyone above has said you risk injury. If you do want to stay active and not literally rest, go for a walk, do yoga, swim...anything other than run.

  • Thank you all for the advice, in the back of my mind I thought that was the case but I just needed to be told

    I won't feel guilt now and I will look for something else for rest days, probably look at the the strength podcasts .

    Now I've found these posts I will keep you all up to date with my progress after having a couple of well deserved rest days my calf's are quite sore today


  • As a new, unfit runner you really need rest from the impact of running to allow your body to strengthen and repair. Other non impact exercise on rest days will be beneficial. Stretching after your run is also highly recommended and will soon become part of your post run routine.

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