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My legs burn!

My legs burn!

Week 1, 2nd run. I noticed that my left leg burns way more than my right, not sure if that's because of how I'm running or trainers or because I haven't run much before this ><

I completed it but today felt a lot harder than on Monday. At one point I really did wonder if Laura was counting 1 minute or if it was just 30 seconds as I've never imagined me doing 8 minutes last week.

Also, if I hate bananas, what can I eat post run?

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Hmm I'm not sure about one leg burning more than the other. Is that during or after? I often ache or have soreness in one and not the other, both during and after a run, it never seems to be both! It could be to do with how we run I suppose? Make sure you stretch properly, this made a huge difference to me.

Sounds like you're doing brilliantly! Sometimes runs feel easier or harder during a week, I couldn't work out any rhyme or reason for it. You know you can do it though as you did R1 so it's definitely a head thing. Working out how best to banish the gremlins who sit on our shoulders during the runs and tell us we need to stop or that we can't do it is something we all have to learn how to do!

I also am not an expert about what to eat post run. I hear people on here talk about peanut butter (although I wouldn't go near the stuff)? Some other fruit perhaps? I'm sure it goes without saying but I imagine adequate water is the most important!

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I've tried doing some research before I run today and I'm guessing it's might be shin splints. Not entirely sure so gonna try and run today, if I feel it kick in will probably have to rest a couple of days and repeat the run.


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