Come On WALES! Good Luck

Come On WALES! Good Luck

I was wondering how far on average a footballer ran over the 90 minutes and Google said this... Obviously, there is some variation depending on the position they play—midfielders run the most; the goalie not so much—but it's not uncommon for a player to average seven miles per game. Seven! SportVU has tracked players running as much as 9.5 miles in a game.

No wonder they get tired then!

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  • But they walk quite a bit as well (trust me, I walked more than I ran during a game :) ).

    Good luck to Wales from a Celtic cousin!!!

  • YES Good Luck Wales!

  • Pob Iwc.... !

    Yes, lots of running..but with some stopping bits, unlike the intrepid C25K-ers!

    Actually, I have often wondered how far we cover when, like me I have to run up and downstairs a million times a day when I have forgotten stuff!!!:)

  • My activity monitor. (Misfit shine) tells me I do around 6-7km on non running/walking/exercising days. I was quite surprised at just how much I move any given day, my weekly day averaged out is 12,000 steps. I always felt like I was running around now I know I am.😀.

  • WOW!!!!

  • It must be like a 90min interval training session, I would love to know what their recommended calorie intake is for all that work. For the first time watching football last week I saw someone having a gel mid match, it surprised me that we don't see it more often, or maybe that's what they do half time. I am working tonight, we are trying to get a telly quietly put somewhere but it's a music night, I might just say it has to go in the kitchen with me so it doesn't distract everyone else, I'm sure that would work (hehe for me.).

  • wow I suppose they do have gels. Well spotted!

  • Then they go into extra time. Bet there's an all round groan when that happens. I'd like to get to the Irish pub and watch the Wales game but busy tonight. Might manage the second half though. Otherwise I'm really not much interested in football. Nothing much seems to happen for ages at a time if the teams are well matched. Up the field a bit, back down the field, repeat. Prefer tennis. Always something happening.

  • I think like that but every now and then you get a really exciting game. Trouble is you never know how it's going to go. Exciting end to end or boring rubbish like England ha ha

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