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First run done!

First run done!

Just completed my first run and I really surprised myself! I thought I'd only be able to do 30 seconds instead of the 60 but I took the advice from everyone about going slow and steady. I didn't speed up from my brisk pace walk, I just switched into jogging at the same pace. At first I thought I was cheating and my instinct was to jog faster. However the music managed to keep me in check. Before I knew it. 8mins of running done!

I do wonder though about heart rate in general. Mine got up to 178 towards the end but I doubt it will lower much in 2 runs time. Should I repeat week one until my heart rate lowers enough to tackle week 2? Or should I just try week 2 next week anyway??

Overall I'm pretty pleased I managed to complete it :D

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Well done!! It's great that you managed the first run so well! Slow is definitely the key as you build up stamina. I know what you mean about wanting to go faster, but there is plenty of time to build speed later. I always found that on the third time completing a run I would up the pace a bit towards the end if I felt like I could but there's no need to worry about that at the beginning.

I'm not an expert on heart rate so maybe someone else will be able to help you out on that one. I know that the way the programme is set up it accounts for people who have not exercised before but perhaps you could check with your doctor if you're worried? It also depends on the accuracy of the heart rate monitor too as I think some are more accurate than others :)

Well done again!

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Sounds like a great first run. I don't know about heart rate either but base it on how I feel after run 3. If I feel I could have done more I move forward, if not I repeat the week until I feel ready. If I reach 5k or 30 minutes running in 18 weeks or less I will be ecstatic. Listen to your body as well as the stats.


I have not monitored hr yet either. I went by how it made me feel and still do.

If you manage the 2nd and 3rd runs of the week by completing all 8x1 minute run sections then move on- that is how the programme has been designed.

Well done :)


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