Parkrun moan

Like Parkrun lot's, but this morning had a problem with a runner who had a small dog on a long lead, which came over in front of me twice, with a trip hazard from the long lead as well, I warned the lady the first time to keep it over, who apologised, but it was a pain really, and what with what sounded like cow bells it was wearing, what an irritation!

I love dogs, but runners are warned by Parkrun to keep them on a SHORT lead!... Have had the odd dog run across me on previous Parkruns! But this was quite bad! The bugbear of Parkrun, dogs & buggies!😬 Rant over!

Still, I did OK on the time & wife slinklinky got a PB!😊


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14 Replies

  • Well done to you and Slinky Dave - triumphant despite the extra obstacles!! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • Oops we run at Parkrun with our dog.

    She is always on a short lead though as I don't believe in those retractable leads unless you have a dog that you can't train to recall and even then I would only advocate it's use in certain situations.

    I've also ran a Parkrun with my son in a buggy too!

    I would like to think that we've never got in anyone's way or hindered thier progress though.

  • Bob, that's fine if they're controlled like you do, but do get the odd times, and nearly got mown down by a buggy this morning, some come so close and are at speed...but then, I know you take care..😊

  • I know mate, some people eh!

    I've never had a bad experience with a buggy ....... Yet.

    But people who can't or won't control thier dogs really annoy me and I do really have a pet hate of those extendable dog leads.

  • Must have been slinkys new shoes!

  • Those extendable/retractable leads are about as effective as kite strings for giving skin burns - ouch!

  • I sometimes have problems with dogs while running too. They can be very annoying (and also a bit alarming if they are off the lead).

  • What a pain. I have a mini-wardrobe of leads for various (dog leading) purposes. If it wasn't an extending lead that she'd let out after starting, one would have hoped that the stewards would have spoken up as she started. Could have been worse than annoying.

  • Well... you were out there.. feeling better and did it... despite everything that happened.

    I feel quite lucky just having the nettles to contend with..and the odd pheasant!!!!

    Folk generally are fantastic..some... probably just don't think..:(.

    Well done you and slinkylinky wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:0

  • I REALLY don't understand dog owners - or dog-owning parkrunners. I know you love your dogs - but there are many things that I also love. Some of these things you may not care to see at a parkrun - so I don't bring/do them. People who love their dogs and love to walk/run them have 7 days per week , 24 hours per day, to do so - WHY, O WHY do they have to bring them to parkrun for 30 or so minutes per week. Do they really think that the rest of the runners love their doggies like thyey do?? It is PATENTLY dangerous for runners to have dogs at parkrun - even on a short leash -- and the only reason that parkrun does not BAN this practice is that everybody is so politically correct these days ! Mustn't offend anyone , must we!!

    End of rant!!

  • Have a word with your management team, Dave. There may be dozens of runners affected by this and if everyone is too polite to mention it then nothing changes. Let's face it, it could be dangerous and dog owners need to be responsible.

  • Yes I did Ian, to the run director. A volunteer was telling me they had a similar incident but worse at another Parkrun, where runners were tripped in a domino affect, and also said buggies can be a nuisance as well.. OK it's supposed to be a fun run as well, but not when it affects safety..

  • It is a rule of parkrun that dogs are kept on a short lead. We have a number of dogs running at my local parkrun and i sometimes run with a dog myself. I've never known any problems but all parkruns are different. Where the paths are narrow or there is congestion due to the number of runners then problems may occur. Some dogs do get easily distracted though but if they are on a short lead they should be controllable.

  • I know it's a rule of Parkrun! We weren't running on narrow paths. I know dogs get distracted! being brought up with them, tell me about it! And it wasn't on a short lead! Some owners don't control their dogs properly, Parkrun's for the people not dog's!

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