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A 'cadence pyramid' 5K

Inspired by my speed-work run a few days ago I thought I would be a bit clever and design a 'cadence pyramid' 5K.

The 'pyramid' was 1K: 300m@150-160 cadence, 150m@160-170 cadence, 100m@170-180 cadence and then down again. The actual 5K was 1K warm up, 3 pyramids and 1K warm down.

If you go to the link in garmin and look at the 'Cadence' section you can see the shape of the pyramids, which I am pretty chuffed at.

I didn't even pay attention to pace or heart rate, it was all about the cadence.

And you know what, it was great fun! It really didn't take long for a cadence of 160-170 to feel 'right'. 170-180 just felt like I was in one of those 80s cartoons where the feet were just blurry but not moving forward at all :-). I am wary of increasing too much too soon but I think I might, if I notice it, try and stay around the 160 spm on my 'lazy' runs.

Unfortunately I don't think I left enough time after my speed-run for my poor little legs to recover, so my legs aren't thanking me at the moment. My next run will either be a lazy 5K or a meandering 9K.

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You're trying lots of new things, aren't you? And giving us all new ideas. That was a good run - and do I detect a slight increase in speed in comparison to the last weeks?

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Is your new super duper watch proving a big incentive perhaps?! Well done, sounds and looks great!

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That looks interesting... In all honesty I've never actually understood cadence although my garmin records it but it's just a load of dots. Glad it was fun :)


Thanks all - yes, there was a slight increase in speed (which is great as it wasn't intentional!) and yep, the watch is certainly motivation to go out and use it.

That's the great thing about being a gadget geek - when you have the gadget you want to use it. The bad thing of course is that by next week I will have probably become bored with this watch and want the next thing :-).


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