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varicose vein during pregnancy

I am new here. My delivery is expected to be by November. I am worried. I am having severe pain and it was diagnosed by my Doc with Varicose vein. I don't know what is to be done. I am struggling because of this. I was asked by my husband to undergo a treatment at the Vaughan vein clinic Toronto and he himself have fixed an appointment with the Doc in this regard. But I am worried to undergo a treatment at this point of time. Will it affect my baby's health. Is there any other suggestions in this regard? All your suggestions will very much valuable for me. Please do help me in this situation.

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Hi Eliza, congratulations on your pregnancy.

We are a running community here, with many of us taking part in, or having completed the NHS Couch to 5km C25K running program. You may get some advice from this community (we are very helpful like that) but you are better off going back to your doctor and asking for professional advice.


Discuss with your doctor!


Definitely speak to your doctor before having any treatment you don't think is right for you and your baby.


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