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Should have been week 7 run 3 today

But instead Swansea half marathon walked jogged and finished.... Not planed colleague couldn't do it so I stepped in as they were planning on walking and jogging but I did it .

Unsure of time I think under 2 hrs 30 but proved I need to finish couch to 5k then get some park runs in

This time next year I will redo the Swansea half and know what I need to train for

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Well done for doing the Swansea Half Marathon I was there watching yesterday and although I've completed C25K I'm nowhere near ready to run that distance. You did brilliantly, congratulations.


What an achievement and great idea to do next year and set as a target.Well done!


Wow! Congratulations on completing a HM even if there was a bit of walking along the way. I think you should find out your time so that next year you may compare your time with today's time and see how far you have come.


Llongyfarchiadau!! :)


It's not as good as it sounds lots of walking was involved ....it was completed in 2 hours 25 and I honestly walked loads ....

But I have an idea of how far I need to go.... I literally run a mile then walked a good 10 minutes and then did another Mike etc etc

Wednesday or Thursday week 7 being completed and so on

Then hopefully in Augusr register for park runs


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