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Surprised myself!

Having not run since New Year I was a little nervous to go out and run again but after many excuses and much putting off...I went out today! I wasn't sure whether to start the whole program again or to start from ? I thought I'll go out, trying week 5 run 1 and see how I go...then can go up or down from there...and you know what....

I did it! Not saying it was easy but I did it! After not running for over 6 mths...I did it and I know now that a lot of the issues are mind over I will go out again on Thursday and do the next one, or redo week 5run1 again...who knows...but I'm out on the road again.....❤️😉

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Welcome back. The legs don't forget....


Just like riding a bicycle..or falling off in my case :)


That's great! I'm sure you will get your stamina and fitness back quickly but guess you should go steady and see how it feels so you don't end up injured. Great that you are running though.☺

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Thanks guys xx


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