What prey could you manage to chase and eat?

Been reading about homo erectus and why their bodies evolved into an upright stance. The theory is that they needed to run to chase down their prey; over a long distance they could single out a gazelle, say, from the herd and gradually wear it down and it would die from heat exhaustion through being continually chased. The gazelle was faster but homo erectus could run for longer.

Got me thinking what I could chase down and eat: Slugs? Too chewy. Snails? Too crunchy. Slow worms? Too rubbery. Hmmm, might have to become a veggie.


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  • Beatles - nice and crunchy! I think I'd have to set traps!

  • Oysters and mussels

  • Yes, didn't think of the sea-side. That would save my bacon, in a manner of speaking!

  • Haha! πŸ˜€ I have read this too and wondered the same! Surely the gazelle would have disappeared from sight long before man could tire it out??

  • You'd think, wouldn't you? I mean they wouldn't hang around filing their nails waiting for the guys to catch up.

  • A sloth?

  • I'm sure me and my caveman buddies could take down a tasty Mammoth or possibly one of the lumbering dino's

  • I'm vegetarian so my prey are usually in or just above the ground and quite easy to catch.πŸŒ½πŸ†πŸŒΆπŸŽ

  • Vegan! So would just eat the plants that your prey also eats :P

  • Prob have to fallen apples!

  • I suppose I might manage to catch a tortoise! Couldn't actually kill anything to eat it though...

  • That was my thought too!

  • I don't think I'd need to face that difficulty, since I can barely catch a cold!

  • My husband went to the doctor with bad back and was told he was a fat b@*#^#d and he could catch a horse because he had enough fat to live on but the horse would have to keep stopping to eat! True story believe it or not !!!

  • Haha!

  • I think I saw a documentation a while ago, and the theory is that most animals can't cool themselves very effectively so as long as the runner can track them for long enough the animal dies of heat exhaustion.

    Based on my speed of running I would have trouble catching a cold :-).

  • Donuts! I could probably catch Donuts 🍩

  • Yep, only if they were low-flying ones.

  • A box of Jaffa Cakes !

    I stalked them through the cake and biscuit aisle and then brought them down just before the checkout :-) xxx

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