C25K side effects ;)

Well, I was just sitting nice and snug reading through the blogs, stove roaring away, news on in the background and I looked out of the window. It was overcast, gloomy and blowing a hoolie - really kerapp up in the Pennines. Then this strange thought just popped into my head 'It's not my running day today so I'll go for a walk instead! What? No! It's blooming freezation out there! Stay by the fire' shouted the old me. Not a chance!! I set off with Winston and Ozzy on the usual route march when I take them both, and covered 4 miles in just under an hour - is that a good pace? Loving these new side effects. Me wanting to be outside when it's cold is something really new. Husband will be asking 'what have you done with my wifey'?! :p ...xx


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29 Replies

  • Lol! And, yep! Glorious, isn't it?

  • Certainly is a great feeling...xx

  • Ha, ha - that is brilliant! Other folks on here talk about being abducted by aliens or their bodies being replaced! Love your name by the way!

  • Thanks skye, can't wait for my body to replaced!

    Is Skye your area? Was thinking about visiting the Fairy Pools while holidaying in Scotland this year - worth a look?...xx

  • The fairy pools are beautiful. I'll see if I can get a photo for you.

  • Fairy pools is definitely worth a visit but gets VERY busy in the summer (congested single track road, no parking and no peace!). Best avoided in August unless you go very early in the morning or in the evening.

  • Would have been 2nd week in June, but we're staying at North Ledaig and it's 144 miles to the Fairy Pools, so may not get...xx

  • Brilliant! No such thing as bad weather.... just the wrong clothes! (Exceptions are hurricanes, ice, snow storms, floods & boiling temperatures!!!!)

    Isn't it exhilarating getting out on a wild day with the dogs😀🐶

  • Yeah, temperature prediction for tomorrow is 39 Celsius. Did my running at 5am this morning. Tomorrow exercise will be relaxing under the shade in the pool.

  • Uff that's too hot for me. Well done getting up so early and fitting a run in.

  • I've ever been in temps like that, but I can dream...xx

  • The weather man was wrong. It was not 39 Celsius but 41 Celsius today.

  • Hee hee, you've just described the weather we get here! Yup it certainly blew the cobwebs off! Had earache for a little while, but all ok now :( . Going to head off mid morning for 2nd run of week...xx

  • And lightening storms for me!

  • Definitely wouldn't run in lightening! Had 2 strkes about 15 foot away from me over the years, and so I don't even go outside now if it's thundering!!!

  • Oh no, not lightning - never thought of that, coz we rarely get lightning!

  • I wonder if by wearing rubber sole you should be safe if lightening strikes?

  • I don't think you are no! A few years a local lad was killed during the summertime. He was stood on top of a trailer (with rubber tyres) and the lightening struck his gold chain - gonner!

  • Fabulous! That is what legs are for..if it is a non run day:)

    I managed a 4 mile walk today.. ( still sort of on the IC with the dreaded Lurgy).

    No dogs, just small granddaughter tucked in her pram :)

    Well done you..especially for telling the old you, what for :)

  • Ooo lovely little snuggly bundles! Paying for the route march with stiff butt cheeks this morning...xx

  • Ouch... :)

    When the sun appears.... ( maybe it will) I am off for another walk.. legs feel okay this morning, thankfully.

    Have a good day and hope the butt improves :)

  • Hmmm, not sure I'm at that point yet! I'm looking forward to it though...

  • It'll come...xx

  • The dogs will love you for it 🙂

  • They sure do! It's bedlam! Leaping up and down, getting their feet stood on, being trapped in closing doors, getting their feet in my trainers :o , all part of getting ready to go out :) . Funnily enough, I noticed Winston kept looking back at me early in the walk. He was asking me a question. What was it? Then it came to me. He was asking 'shouldn't we be running by now'? My clever special Boy 😍 ...xx

  • What breed is Winston? I have to keep turning around in the forest because it is only a short track but I have discovered it is great for training because my springer tends to stay on the track and keep watching in case I turn and disappear off in the other direction. If I am walking he tends to disappear himself...into the deep forest!

  • Black Lab - hardly ever loses sight of me! If I manage to hide from him he tears around with his nose to the ground knocking flying all those who get in his way :) ! Our Springer Lexi is always raking around in the undergrowth too...xx

  • ... and on that note I'm off to walk my borrowed dog without whom I wouldn't be the runner I am today 😇

  • :)

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