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Really tense - can I skip a rest day? Other Suggestions?

I have my end of year exam for my masters degree tomorrow and I am very very tense. It's in the afternoon, so I was planning to run in the morning to calm down a bit, but I'm so wound up now I'm not sure I can sleep tonight. Before I would have resorted to a glass of wine or three, but now I'd like to run. If I try and run tonight and tomorrow morning, will I just overtire myself? Any other suggestions if so?

(Never thought I'd feel like I was rationing out my running!)

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If it where me I'd go running tonight if you could you'll tire yourself down so you sleep tonight and then your not to tired for tomorrow I'm a student myself so I know the stress your going through but I'd only do one as you may feel wound up and restless but you don't want to be exhausted for your exam .... Good luck for tomorrow :-)


Erm, sometimes when we become runners we forget about walking! How about a walk instead, so that you can enjoy your run tomorrow morning? If you are feeling really wound up you might go at it a bit too vigorously not to make the sleep issues worse rather than better (fair body of evidence that exercising too close to sleep can be unhelpful to settling down)... but certainly getting outside and moving is likely to be helpful.

There are some cracking little yoga/relaxation videos on YouTube... I like stuff from Ekhart Yoga. Doesn't really matter what it is, just has to be a voice that you like.

(I feel for you... I missed out on a run today which it turned out I needn't have and felt rather frustrated at making do with a walk instead, given that, like you I have anxieties and stresses to deal with. But actually, the walk was good and didn't feel like second best in the end.)


I like the suggestion of a walk and a run. I personally would run tonight and walk tomorrow. You could the relax with a warm bath after your run this evening.

Good luck with your exam. I am in the middle of my first module of masters so can empathise a little x

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I agree with the above, or you could go on a very brisk walk?

most importantly, good luck!!


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