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Week 8 R2

After yesterday's cheat run, I decided that today would be a gentle, easy one. It ended up being another 4k (just a tad over at 4.1) and my splits were the fastest they have been so far! (7.23, 7.15, 6.55, 6.35) Somehow my body likes to speed up throughout my run...strange thing!

I'm actually having a day off tomorrow as I'm a bit tired and aching, but ready to tackle R3 on Saturday, and graduate next weekend!

Keep running :)

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Sounds like you're doing well.if I'm not mistaken you've done 3 runs in 3 days. The rest days are included in the programme for good reason so please do be careful not to risk injury by overdoing it.


Tomorrow is a rest day :) Well and truly!


Well done , negative splits too, I would and others would die those 😊

better to start slow and maintain a steady pace for the purpose of the program but saying that a great effort ☺

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I think the negative splits were pure luck :)

Thank you!


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